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Pro-life and pro-Christian
motor vehicle license plates

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Pro-life automobile license plates are available, at a premium cost, in a few U.S. states. The pro-life and pro-Christian plates usually contain a drawing of two children, and the slogan "Choose Life," which is derived from a biblical passage that has nothing to do with abortion or procreation. A portion of the surcharge is generally given to pro-life agencies which refer women to adoption agencies and who refuse to discuss the possibility of an abortion, and refuse to refer them to abortion clinics..

Their constitutionality is questionable. Some legal experts argue that they are unconstitutional, unless the state also provides plates with opposing messages like "Support adoption," or "Support abortion choice."

Recently, at least three states have attempted to introduce pro-Christian license plates. Legislators in Florida, and North & South Carolina had "I believe" designed plates featuring a Protestant cross, a stained glass religious image, and an "I Believe" statement on the top. A legislator in Florida proposed a picture of the dead body of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Topics covered in this section:

"Choose life" plates:

bullet Introduction to the "choose life" license plates
bullet States that have approved  the plates
bullet Alabama to Ohio

bullet Oklahoma to Tennessee

bullet States considering legislation; current status of "choose life" plates
bullet Legal aspects: court cases; possible compromises

"I Believe" license plates:

bullet "I believe" plate in Florida Rejected by the legislature in 2008-APR
bullet Florida's Christian plate revisited Rejected by the legislature in 2009-APR
bullet "I believe" plates in South Carolina Banned by a federal court 2009-NOV

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Originally written: 2003-MAR-1
Latest update: 2009-NOV-19
Author: B.A. Robinson

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