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Dilation & Extraction (PBA) Procedure

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 Dilation & Extraction procedures are called D&X, Intact D&X, and Intrauterine cranial decompression.
The non-medical terms: PBA and Partial-birth Abortions are commonly used by the public.

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Topics covered in this section:

bullet D&X introduction: Overview; the procedure; why are they done; disinformation
bulletAttempts to pass a federal anti-D&X law
bullet 1995 to 1997

bullet 1997 (Cont'd) to 2001

bullet 2002 & 2003
bullet Injunctions applied against the 2003 federal law. Is the 2003 law a positive development?

bullet California, New York & Nebraska courts declare law unconstitutional

bulletState anti-D&X laws

bullet Virginia anti-D&X laws

bullet Michigan anti-D&X laws
bulletCourt activity:
bullet Nebraska state law, during year 2000

bulletFederal law
bullet Lower court activity during 2004 to 2006

bulletSupreme Court activity, during 2005 to 2007

bullet Reactions and consequences to the Supreme Court ruling
bullet Misc. topics: Debate strategies; Public opinion surveys

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