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U.S. public opinion polls: Year 2002

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Zogby International poll of 2002-NOV:

Zogby International conducted the poll of 1,009 American adults from 2002-NOV-12 to 14. The poll's margin of error is about 3.2 percentage points. Unfortunately, media reporting of the poll results is difficult to interpret because reports do not differentiate between the subjects' personal decision whether to have an abortion, or their belief whether other women should be allowed access to abortion.

Some data is helpful:

bullet22% of American adults are less in favor of abortion access than they were a decade ago; about 11% are more in favor of abortion access. The former shift may have been influenced by a number of factors:
bulletExtensive discussion in recent years of "partial birth abortions." A sizeable percentage of American adults oppose PBAs.
bulletMost people are probably now aware of sonograms, and thus are more likely to look upon the developing fetus as a human person.
bulletTwo out of three American adults say that their views on abortion have not changed over the past decade.
bulletAbout 4% of American voters always vote for pro-choice candidates.
bulletAbout 13% of voters always vote for pro-life candidates.
bulletOne-third of persons aged 18 to 29 say that abortion should never be legal -- apparently even to save the life of the woman. This support drops to 23% for those aged 30 to 64, and 20% for those over age 65. 1,2

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Wirthlin Worldwide National Quorum poll of 2002-DEC:

This poll was conducted on behalf of the pro-life group Faith2Action in 2002-DEC. (N = 1,001; margin of error = 3.2%). Unfortunately, its data is not too useful because of the heavily weighted questions:

bulletQuestion: "In light of recent medical advances such as in-utero surgery and 3-D ultrasound technology, which reveals the unborn child's body and facial features in detail, are you in favor of restoring legal protection for unborn children?" 68% of those sampled were strongly or somewhat in favor. A person who disagreed with this question would be in the position implying that they didn't want to protect children.
bulletQuestion: "Would you favor judicial nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court who uphold laws that restore protection for unborn children?" 66% of those sampled were strongly or somewhat in favor. The implication is that some nominees might refuse to uphold existing laws, and are not in favor of protecting children. 3

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  1. "Zogby Poll Shows 70% of Voters Support; Independent Review Over New Health Care Lawsuits; Majority of Voters Would Oppose Lawsuits if Employers Are at Risk," at: http://www.hbcweb.com/Zogby0600.htm
  2. Jerry Zremski, "Attitudes becomes more negative on abortion," Buffalo News, 2002-NOV-25, at: http://www.buffalonews.com/
  3. "Poll results," at: http://www.f2a.org/

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Author: B.A. Robinson

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