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Abortion position papers and dialog:

bullet "Abortion -- Selective." This is a list of sources of information on selective abortions: "...the abortion of a fetus after a prenatal test determines that it has some characteristic, usually the likelihood of an impairment, disabling trait, or being of an undesired sex, that the woman or couple believes is incompatible with their hopes and expectations of family life." See:

bullet The Congressional Research Service works exclusively for Members and committees of the United States Congress. Abstracts of studies and reports that they have made on abortion can be purchased from Penny Hill Press at:

bullet A list of MSN discussion groups is at: A few forums, such as "The Abortion Divide," "Discussing Abortion," "The Real Abortion Story," and "Discussing Abortion Issues," appear to promote dialogue. The others are either strongly pro-choice or strongly pro-life.

bullet Rev. George K. Beach, "Rethinking the ethics of abortion," at:

bullet Tell My Abortion Story is a collection of personal experiences by women who have had an abortion. Although the site's guidelines appear to welcome all stories, it seems that only the negative ones are published. See:

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General coverage of abortion:

bullet Abortion Awareness Blog "...was created in order to raise the awareness and fight all ignorance and superstitions related to Abortions." The webmaster attempts to collect every piece of information on abortion that she can find and post it on her blog. See:

bullet Religious Education Online is a UK website discussing a multitude of topics on religion, philosophy, ethics, etc. One section is titled: "Abortion: A question of choice, or a question of life?" See:

bullet Shamed into Silence is a personal blog started up in early 2011 by "ShameGirl." She views the pro-life movement as the primary cause for so post-abortion syndrome (PAS). She doesn't "... want to be silent any more. I don't want others like me to be silent any more." See:

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Pro-choice groups:

bullet Abortion Clinics On-line at provides a listing of abortion clinics throughout the United States and has articles on: Late abortion past 20 weeks, IV sedation or general anesthesia, Medical abortion, Emergency contraception (often called "Morning after" treatment), Tubal sterilization, Pre-natal care, Men's services, Adoption services, Abortion Rights Articles, and Abortion Choice Links.

bullet The California Abortion & Reproductive Rights Action League (CARAL) page: lists of 13 pro-choice sites, 18 of what they call "anti-choice" sites, and six important historical documents and essays.

bullet The Feminist Women's Health Center maintains an extensive website with information about abortion procedures, personal stories, poetry etc. See:

bullet Planned Parenthood On Line at: for has information on abortion: how to decide whether abortion is right for you, descriptions of the procedure and its risks, supporting information for friends, parents or partners of a woman seeking abortion.

bullet The Westchester Coalition for Legal Abortion is a national group in the U.S. whose goals are to keep abortion and family planning legal and available, and to promote the election of pro-choice candidates to governmental positions. See:

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Pro-life groups:

bullet The Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League is one of the few pro-life groups that is not based on conservative Christianity. See:
bullet Feminists for Life of America bill themselves as pro woman and pro life. They "oppose all forms of violence - including abortion, infanticide, child abuse, domestic violence, assisted suicide, euthanasia, and capital punishment." See: 

bullet Libertarians for Life argue on the pro-life side from a Libertarian position. See:

bullet Lifelinks at links to a number of pro-life sites, including Feminists for Life. They include an essay by a right-to-life atheist, words from Mother Theresa, and information on the ProLife News.
bullet MarchTogether has as its goal an end to abortion by speaking out and attempting to influence legislators. See:

bullet National Right to Life deals with many pro-life causes, but concentrates on abortion matters. See: 

bullet National Women's Coalition for Life is "an umbrella organization for national women's groups that oppose abortion." A listing of their member groups and their statement of commitment is at:

bullet Woodland Hills Academy provides a "a safe, secure and structured environment for pregnant teenage girls, located in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains" in Utah. They house twelve girls ages 12 to 17. See:

bullet The Women and Children First has a list of pro-life links at:

bullet Women Affirming Life is a "national organization of Catholic women committed to upholding the sanctity of each human life from conception to natural death." See:

bullet The Women’s Pregnancy Centers of Tucson is a pro-life Christian organization offering unconditional acceptance and assistance with a wide range of pregnancy-related services. See: and

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Statements about abortion:

bullet "The America we seek: A statement of pro-life principle and concern," is at:

bullet "The National Women's Coalition for Life: Statement of Commitment" is at: 

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Related topic on this website:

bullet Post-abortion syndrome (PAS) including links to information and support groups

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