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Abortions / Genocide

Forced abortions and genocide in North Korea

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Racial supremacy in North Korea:

The Times of London, UK, reported in 2006-OCT that female refugees from North Korea have told stories of the Communist regime's concern and violent methods of handling what they call 'deviant' sexual relations, and their violent methods of dealing with them. The term 'deviant' in this case can refer to inter-racial sex, including sex between North Korean and Chinese adults.

The Times quotes an unidentified western diplomat who said:

"It’s vital to recognize that 'juche' -- the dogma of self- reliance -- is not a theory but a cult and that [North Korea's dictator] Kim is worshipped as the leader of a religion," said a veteran western diplomat who negotiated with the North Koreans on 19 visits. "These Koreans genuinely believe they are a master race and that the peninsula will be united under the rule of the Kim dynasty."

The Times writes:

"Behind the facade of a Supreme People’s Assembly, a presidium, a cabinet and the Korean Workers' party, North Korea operates as a one-man military dictatorship founded on clan rule, blood ties and deification of the leader. Kim is falsely said to have been born on the sacred slopes of Mount Paektu."

"This is used to legitimize behavior by agents of the state which human rights activists believe will one day form the basis of indictments for crimes against humanity."

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2003 report of a human rights group:

David Hawk, a human rights investigator for The US Committee for Human Rights in North Korea, issued a report in 2003. He reported "extreme phenomena of repression ... unique to North Korea." He concluded that the country practiced "ethnic infanticide." He obtained testimony from eight women who described cases of infanticide.

bullet Choi Yong-hwa, 28, described how she was made to go with a woman with an advanced pregnancy to a clinic in Sinuiju. The doctors induced labor. The newborn was then suffocated with a wet towel. The mother passed out.
bullet A grandmother, 66, described events at Sinuiju involving the deaths of seven newborns. Two were born at full term; five were premature babies born after induced labor. The newborns were thrown into a garbage container. Two days later, the premature babies were all dead and the full term babies were near death. A guard hit the latter with forceps until they died.
bullet At the Nongpo detention center in Chongjin, witnesses saw the "children of betrayers" -- inter-racial babies who presumably had a North Korean mother and a Chinese father -- tossed into a wicker basket, and covered with plastic sheets. Two days later, the guards smothered any who still lived. The report said: "Guards would say the mothers had to see and hear their babies die because they were Chinese."

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Other reports:

The Korean Bar Association reported that 58% of defectors from North Korea who were interviewed by its lawyers have testified to having seen or heard of forced abortions in the prison system.

The aid group Médecins Sans Frontières left North Korea in 1998. One of its reasons was that they could not obtain access to the "9-27 camps," where sick and disabled children were dumped.

Defectors have even told of human experiments to test chemical weapons. One witness described people tethered to a hillside and then gassed. Unfortunately, this account has not been independently verified.

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Personal testimony:

A woman with the pseudonym Han Myong-suk, 30, explained that she was sold by traffickers to a farmer in China. She became pregnant, was caught by the police, and returned to North Korea. She was held at one of three detention centers for women, which are located in the towns of Sinuju, Onsong and Chongin. She said:

"I defied the order to abort the fetus the prison authorities contemptuously called a 'Chinese Chink' and was badly beaten and kicked in my belly by a guard. His name was Hwang Myong-dong."

A week later she was taken to a prison clinic "... where in a most blunt manner they extracted the dead child from my body."

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References used:

  1. Michael Sheridan, "Nation under a nuclear cloud. 'Racially impure' children killed," The Times, London, 2006-OCT-15, at:

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Copyright © 2006 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
First posted: 2006-OCT-17
Latest update: 2006-OCT-17
Author: B.A. Robinson

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