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Abortion news

From 2007-July to September

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Background information on many aspects of abortion is found in individual essays, e.g. public opinion, clinic protests, clinic violence, parental notification, abortion methods, and post abortion syndrome. Information about the use of stem cells is elsewhere.

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News items:

bullet2007-JUL-23: USA: Anti-abortion amendment defeated: Representative Mike Pence (R-IN) added an amendment to the House bill that funds the Department of Labor and Health & Human Services. It would have totally terminate government funding of Planned Parenthood (PP). Although PP is the world's leading abortion provider, no federal government funding goes to support any of the quarter-million abortions performed by PP yearly. It is all directed to family planning and disease avoidance programs. The end result of the amendment would have been a major reduction in PP's services since nearly a third of its $1 billion budget comes from government grants and contracts. This would result in the closing down of birth control education programs. That would in turn cause an increase in the number of unwanted pregnancies and thus an increase in the number of abortions performed by PP and other groups.

The amendment failed 189 to 231. 21 Republicans voted against the amendment; 16 Democrats voted in favor. Otherwise, the voting was split according to party affiliation.
bullet2007-AUG-31: Nicaragua: Over 80 preventable deaths among pregnant women reported: Human Rights Watch (HRW) has reported that in excess of 80 pregnant women have died over the past 11 months because of Nicaragua's new blanket ban on abortion. Even in cases of rape, incest, or cases where a continued pregnancy would severely disable or kill a woman, a woman in that country has no access to an abortion. Even ectopic pregnancies cannot be treated; doctors have to stand by and watch the woman bleed to death. HRW states that:

"Nicaraguas major political parties endorsed the ban to gain the political support of the Roman Catholic Church and the Evangelical Church during the 2006 presidential elections."

The people of Nicaragua are about  95% Roman Catholic. HRW has sent an open letter to the Nicaraguan Supreme Court.

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Reference used:

  1. Mark Sherman, "Court backs ban on abortion procedure," Associated Press, 2007-APR-18, at: http://news.yahoo.com/
  2. "Amicus Curiae Brief" Human Rights Watch, at: http://hrw.org/ This is a PDF file. You may require software to read it. Software can be obtained free from: 

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Copyright 2007 by the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Created: 2007-JUL-24
Latest update: 2007-OCT-03
Author: B.A. Robinson

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