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Abortion access


Basic facts and definitions
about pregnancy & abortion

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bullet "The question is not when does life begin, but when does a person begin?" Dr. David Menton, from the video "Fearfully & wonderfully made."

Topics covered in this section:



bullet Glossary of terms relating to pregnancy and abortion
bullet Classifying views on abortion access as pro-life, pro-choice, etc
bullet Differences in meanings given to abortion and pregnancy terms by religious conservatives and others


Basic facts about pregnancy:

bullet Description of the stages of development from ovum & sperm to newborn baby
bullet The processes of pregnancy: A video showing what a developing pre-embryo, embryo, and fetus look like.
bullet Can a fetus feel pain?
bullet Events before the start of pregnancy. Examples of contraceptives & aborifacients.


Basic facts about abortion:

bullet Key question: When does human personhood start, and how do we proceed when there is no consensus?
bullet Why do women seek abortions?
bullet Reducing the abortion rate: a visitor's essay

Information on abortion in the U.S from 1973 to 2006

bullet Abortion data: About numbers, rates and ratios. Reducing abortion. Emergency contraception,
bullet Brief review of trends in C.D.C. abortion data, 1970 to 2006
bullet Data from the lan Guttmacher Institute
bullet More data on U.S. abortions: (Time into pregnancy; the age, race, etc. of women having an abortion)
bullet The religion of U.S. women having an abortion
bullet Still more data on abortion (Trends, crime, welfare, risks, etc.)
bullet Factors that affect the abortion rate

bullet Conflicting meanings given to abortion terms by Evangelicals and others


Methods of preventing pregnancy:

bullet Contraceptive methods
bullet Emergency contraception (EC) (a.k.a. the morning-after pill)
bullet Wal-Mart's refusal to stock this medication in the U.S. and Canada


Methods of terminating a pregnancy: 

bullet Abortions during the first few weeks of pregnancy:
bullet Using Methotrexate & Misoprostol (up to about 5 weeks gestation)
bullet Using RU-486 (up to about 7 weeks gestation)
bullet RU-486 developments during 1999 & 2000
bullet RU-486 developments from 2001 to the present
bullet Manual vacuum aspiration (from about 3 to about 6 weeks gestation)
bullet Abortions later in pregnancy:
bullet Why are abortions delayed until the second or third trimester?
bullet How are very late abortions performed
bullet Surgical abortions (about 5 weeks gestation and later)
bullet D&X (a.k.a. Partial Birth Abortion) (very rare; usually done in emergencies)
bullet Ectogenesis: the development of artificial wombs: Part 1  Part 2   Part 3


Public opinion polls on abortion access:

bullet In the U.S.
bullet In Canada

Related section:


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Originally published: 1996-DEC-20 (Not an error. This web site started up in 1995-APR)
Last updated 2014-AUG-31
Author: Bruce A Robinson
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