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Abortion access


Religious and ethical aspects

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Abortion topics covered in this section:

bulletThe ethical problems:
bullet When, if ever, is an abortion the right alternative?

bullet An essay donated by Dr. Stanford Aranoff: "Diverse views about the beginning of a person"
bulletReligious texts:
bullet What does the Bible say about abortion?
bulletBeliefs of religious groups:
bulletList of religious and secular groups which are pro-choice or pro-life

bulletStatements by (mostly) religious groups on abortion

bulletRoman Catholic beliefs:
bullet Pagan & Christian beliefs 400 BCE -1980 CE
bullet Evolution of Roman Catholic positions on abortion: Overview

bullet Current Roman Catholic church teaching

bullet Exceptions to the Roman Catholic ban on abortion

bullet Cases where the Church teaching may cause avoidable unnecessary death

bulletJewish beliefs on abortion

bullet Mormon beliefs on abortion
bulletProtests, violence, and murders:
bullet Two examples of abortion protests not at clinics: 1998 to now

bullet Abortion clinic violence and harassment

bullet Web sites allegedly promoting violence

bullet Is there a pattern to clinic assassinations, bombings, etc?
bulletOther religious & ethical matters:
bullet Ethical beliefs on abortion that are neither pro-choice nor pro-life

bullet Fetal vs. woman's rights

bullet Abortion restrictions due to Roman Catholic hospital mergers

bullet Human embryos in fertility clinics: Are pro-life groups ignoring the real problems?

bullet Treatment of burns with fetal skin tissue

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Originally published: 1996-DEC-20
Last updated and reviewed: 2012-FEB-22
Author: B.A. Robinson
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