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Possible links between abortions
and subsequent medical problems

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As with so many other religious, ethical, sexual, cultural, and medical controversies, there exists two solitudes on the question of links between abortion and subsequent medical and mental health.

bullet Many social and religious conservatives and pro-lifers sincerely believe that strong links exist.
bullet Many mental health professionals, medical experts, abortion providers, pro-lifers and others sincerely believe that such links are minimal or non-existent.

Both groups claim to support their beliefs with the results of studies.

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Topics covered in this section

bullet Overview: Does having an abortion trigger later emotional or physical health problems?
bullet Breast cancer
bullet Infertility
bullet Miscarriage
bullet Post abortion syndrome (PAS)

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  2. Janet L. Crepps, "Efforts to prohibit abortion based on harms to women's health: The manipulation of evidence to support overturn of Roe versus Wade," American Public Health Association, 2007-NOV-06, at:

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Originally published: 1996-DEC-20, by coincidence, the author's 60th birthday
Last updated 2010-OCT-09
Author: Bruce A Robinson
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