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Abortion access


Miscellaneous items related to abortion

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Topics covered in this section:


Genetic topics:

bullet Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) & Pre-implantation Genetic Haplotyping (PGH)
bullet Genetic termination of pregnancies
bullet Embryo and stem cell research

Personal stories:

bullet Anon: "The dangers of forcing a teen to have an abortion"
bullet Marliz Olmos-Armas: "Personal experiences of a woman who obtained an abortion"
bullet "Peggy:" "Finding God's love in an abortion clinic"


E-mails and essays:

bullet Challenging E-mails that we have received about abortion
bullet More of the same
bullet Don Staddon: "Abortion kills children: Truth or deception?"
bullet Marliz Olmos-Armas: "Nine reasons in favor of retaining abortion access"
bullet Poems by pro-life poets. More poems.


star News about abortion:

bullet Abortion news in the media: 1999 to the present
bullet Current news feed
bullet External link to Abortion Awareness Blog


Information Sources:

bullet Help if you have a crisis pregnancy
bullet Help for Post Abortion Syndrome -- long term depression after an abortion
bullet Abortion information resources on the Internet
bullet Books on abortion



bullet U.S. government funding of family planning agencies under Title X
bullet Forced abortion and genocide in North Korea

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List of links to Internet sites about pregnancy:

bullet has lists of hyperlinks to Internet sites discussing many pregnancy-related topics:
bullet Unplanned pregnancy at:
bullet Embryonic & fetal development at:

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Originally published: 1996-DEC-20
Last updated 2017-JAN-24
Author: Bruce A Robinson

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