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Cults and new religious movements


The Anti-Cult Movement (a.k.a. ACM)

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"Religious Cult: The church down the street from yours."
Quotation taken from a B.C. cartoon, 1994-APR-30

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The Anti-Cult Movement (ACM) consists of individuals and groups who attempt to raise public consciousness about what they feel is an extreme danger. As they see it, the threat mainly comes from small, coercive, manipulative groups -- mostly new religious movements -- who use deceptive recruitment practices and use advanced psychological manipulative techniques to reduce their followers to near-zombie state. They entrap followers within the group and destroy their ability to think logically.

Although they have been largely discredited in North America, their beliefs are accepted in many other countries, notably China and some countries in Western Europe.

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Topics covered by this essay:

bullet Introduction: Terminology, history, beliefs, influence, status
bullet The Cult Awareness Network (CAN™)
bullet The old CAN
bullet The new CAN
bullet Books and videos sold by the "old CAN"
bullet Leadership of the "new CAN"
bullet Recent ACM activities:
bullet "Heaven's Gate" suicide and the appearance of cult "experts"
bullet Recent activities in North America
bullet Recent growth of the ACM in Europe
bullet Other topics:
bullet Is an ACM needed?
bullet Religious movements that require strict discipline from their members
bullet A list of ACM groups
bullet Books and articles on the ACM and New Religious Movements

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Author: B.A. Robinson
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