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Information on the Leadership of the "New" CAN

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The "new" Cult Awareness Network is operated the "Foundation for Religious Freedom," a California corporation. It is controlled by a multi-faith Board of Directors, whose current chairperson is Dr. George Robertson, a Baptist minister:

Pastor George Robertson, DD
Vice President & Chairman,
Christian Education Department,
Maryland Bible College & Seminary,
6023 Moravia Park Rd.,
Baltimore, MD 21206

He is also the Corporate Affairs Administrator and Staff Pastor with the Greater Grace World Outreach Church. This church "can be traced to 1964 and the organization of a 15-member group at a Baptist church in Wiscasset, Maine. "The Church is a fundamentalist Christian Church with a strong belief in the authority of the Bible." 1

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  1. Gordon Melton, "The Encyclopedia of American Religions"

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