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The Amish

Books and Internet links

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Internet references:

In spite of their limited use of electricity, the Amish do have some Internet sites. There are also Mennonite sites which contain Amish material:

bullet "Mennonite Connections on the WWW" has a number of Amish links at:

bullet The Plain People is a Web site maintained by the Pennsylvania Dutch Country Welcome Center which describes the Amish, the Mennonites, the Brethren, and the other "Plain People" near Lancaster PA. See: They have a FAQ at
bullet The Mennonite Information Center supplies information on both Amish and Mennonites. Their address is: 2209 Millstream Road, Lancaster, PA 17602-1494, USA.

bullet An essay: "Background Dynamics of the Amish Movement" is at:

bullet The National Committee For Amish Religious Freedom promotes religious freedom for the Amish. See:

bullet Chris Armstrong, "Knock, knock. Who's there? The Amish," an essay by Christian History is at: It looks at the movement from a conservative Christian historian's point of view.

bullet James J. Hoorman, "Amish & Mennonite Culture History," at:

bullet Amish Country Cooking shows many recipes from Amish women, along with a section about the Amish and their lives. See:

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Photo galleries and computer screen saver:

bullet Bill Coleman has photographed the Amish over three decades. His photos show "a sensitivity to, and a genuine enthusiasm for, the gestures and character of the Amish people." He provides a one week free screensaver trial. See:

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Sponsored link.

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Books and a video about the Amish:

bullet Baker & Taylor Video, "Multicultural Peoples: The Amish," Multicultural Peoples of North America Video Series," (1993).

bullet Jan Folsom, The Amish: Images of a Tradition, Stackpole Books (1995)

bullet Ruth Irene Garrett with Rick Farrant, "Crossing Over: One woman's escape from Amish life," HarperSanFrancisco, (2003)

bullet Merle & Phillis Good, 20 Most Asked Questions About the Amish and Mennonites, (People's Place Book, No 1), Good Books (1995).

bullet John A. Hostetler:


"Amish Roots : A Treasury of History, Wisdom, and Lore, Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, (1992).

bullet "Amish Society, Fourth Edition," Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, (1993).

bullet Donald B. Kraybill:

bullet "The Amish and the State," Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, (1993).

bullet "The Riddle of Amish Culture, Revised Edition," Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, (2001)

bullet Donald B. Kraybill & Steven M. Nolt, "Amish Enterprise : From Plows to Profits," Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, (1995)

bullet Donald B. Kraybill & Marc Alan Olshan, "The Amish Struggle With Modernity," Univ. Press of New England, (1994)

bullet J Gordon Melton, "The Encyclopedia of American Religions," Triumph Books, (1991), Pages 49 to 60 and 311 to 312.

bullet Lucian Niemeyer, "Old Order Amish: Their Enduring Way of Life," Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, (1996)

bullet Steven M. Nolt, "A History of the Amish,'' Good Books, (1992)

bullet Theresa Phillips, "Leaving Lancaster County," Holy Fire Publishing (2004)

bullet Jeff Smith, "Becoming Amish: A family's journey of faith, community and purpose," Dance Hall Press (2016)

bullet Donovan E. Smucker, Sociology of Canadian Mennonites, Hutterites and Amish: A Bibliography With Annotations, Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press, (1977)

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Other items:

bullet Central Market, Inc. has a catalog of Amish craft items and food items. See:

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More books that you can safely buy on this topic, online:

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