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A brief essay donated by Susan Humphreys

Armageddon, The Triumph of Evil

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It was the Evangelical Christian voting block that put Donald Trump over the top, allowing him to win the presidency. 1 The political pollsters, some Christian leaders, leaders of both the Republican and Democratic parties were caught off guard, were/are horrified. Those that voted for Trump are feeling virtuous and some are gloating.

There has been a great deal of talk and analysis from the talking heads about what happened and what will happen in a Trump presidency. Many Christians have tried to justify/explain why they were willing to ignore Trump's bad behavior and vote for him.

One explanation put forward was that Trump has been sent by God. Therefore it was/is a Christians duty to vote for and continue to support Trump.

I never heard any discussion however, about what they actually thought Trump was sent to do. I don't think most ever stopped to consider the question let alone possible answers to the question.

Would a loving and compassionate, all wise and powerful God really have wanted to see a man like Trump occupy the most influential office in the world?

  • Was Trump sent to bring on Armageddon? There appear to be some leaning this way, or

  • Was he sent to put a stop to the liberal and progressive progress this nation has made? There appear to be some leaning this way, or

  • Was he sent (this is my explanation) to test Evangelical Christians? To see if they got his (God's) fundamental message or if they were willing to sell their soul (so to speak) for political promises and man made ideologies/doctrines/dogmas.

What might that most fundamental part of God's message be? It is there in the Bible. I think it is that our day to day words and actions, how we treat other people, other living things and our planet, and how we treat ourselves is more important than all that other stuff -- the man made laws, Religious doctrines/dogmas/beliefs and the Political party platforms and promises.

If I am right, then all those Evangelical Christians that voted for and continue to support Trump failed God's test, and put their salvation in jeopardy.

All of this led me to think about the whole concept of Armageddon, Rapture/EndTimes Theology, good and evil. I have come to realize that IF Armageddon comes to happen, it will be the Triumph of Evil over Good. The Devil will have won. Humans fighting other humans over control of wealth and political power and Ideologies is exactly what the Devil would want to see -- if, that is, there is a Devil. Violence, physical and verbal bullying, sexual exploitation, intimidation, divisiveness (Us the good guys versus THEM the bad guys all of those that aren't like us), are the tools/work of the Devil not the work of a loving, compassionate God.

If this all knowing, seeing, wise, perfect, powerful God actually exists and has to resort to violence to bring peace to his stubborn children, then HE will have failed. It will mean that Jesus death and resurrection (IF it occurred) will have been for nothing.

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References used:

The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

  1. "Exit polls show white evangelical voters voted in high numbers for Donald Trump, 80-16 percent," Washington Post, 2016-NOV-09, at:

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Originally posted: 2016-DEC-29
Latest update: 2016-DEC-29
Author: Susan Humphreys


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