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An essay in five parts donated by Anthony Ashford

Menu: Six biblical reasons why Christians
should embrace same-sex relationships.
Positive books about homosexuality.

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Notes from the webmaster. Please read.

  • In this section, the acronym LGB refers to the lesbian, gay and bisexual community as defined by their sexual orientation; that is the sex to whom they are attracted.

  • There is another section of this web site that discusses the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on 2015-JUN-26 that legalized same-sex marriage across the United States.

  • Still another section describes the drive towards marriage equality in the U.S., Canada, the UK, and the rest of the world. You may find them of interest.

  • The vast majority of the 7,500 essays on this web site were written by its webmaster over the past 20 + years with the goal of objectively explaining religious topics in a fair and balanced manner. We also encourage our site visitors to write and donate their own essays. We consider them for publishing on this site. We do not hold donated essays to the same requirements for objectivity and balance. And so they often promote only one viewpoint. This essay is one of these.

  • If you find this or any other essay on our web site to be objectionable, we invite you to write a rebuttal and donate it to us for possible addition to this site. If you feel that we have not covered a topic, we invite you to write about it and donate the essay.

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Summary by the Author:

While so many Christians in the world believe that gays and lesbians CANNOT go to Heaven, simply because of the interpretations of about 20 verses out of the nearly 31,000 verses in the Christian Bible, I’d like to argue that this anti-gay perception actually goes AGAINST what the Bible and what Christ really say about people who love people of the opposite sex.

I will present six compelling Biblical arguments, using theology, socio-cultural understandings of specific Biblical settings, and good old common sense & logic to prove that the Bible should be used as an ally for same gender-loving relationships.

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Topics discussed in this section:

  • Part 1: Reason 6: Biblical passages -- often called "clobber" passages -- used to condemn LGB relationships

  • Part 2: Reason 5: Lesbian and gay couples in the Bible. Reason 4: Bible used to oppress others. Reason 3: Denouncing a youth's love interest can ruin their life.

  • Part 3: Reason 2: According to the Bible, change is necessary for growth. Reason 1: Jesus supported same-sex relationships. Conclusions.

  • Part 4: Books that positively discuss homosexual orientation, same-sex relationships, and gay marriage.

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An associated list:

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