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Our site has received 64 awards &
three bannings. Not a bad ratio.

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This web site first went online in 1995-APR. For the next decade or so, many other web sites gave out awards to sites that they found of high quality. We received quite a few awards for our web site. Of course, we had a major advantage: by starting in 1995, we had a head start over many other web sites.

Our site has also been temporarily banned by at least two Internet censorship software groups who misunderstood the nature of our web site.

Site-Wide Bans

CyberPatrol is a web rating group that judges WWW sites from a conservative Christian perspective. They provide software that prevents children from accessing what they consider to be dangerous material. Although they claim to promote religious tolerance, they apparently banned access to many web locations which describe a wide variety of benign religions, including Wicca and other Neo-Pagan faith groups. They also banned access to our site -- not just one or two essays, but the entire site. They have since reconsidered and restored access to our site and to many Neo-Pagan sites as well.

We were also banned by CleanNet, which is a similar Internet censorship group. It took a bit of effort to get their attention. But when they finally looked into why they blocked our site, they restored access.

Our site was banned by the government of Saudi Arabia, starting in the mid-1990's. The current status of this ban is unknown. The government controls all access by their citizens to  Internet sites outside of their country. They blocked access by their citizens to our site, as well as other religious web sites, including one that promotes Christian-Islamic dialog, and another that promotes love and brotherhood among religions. All are very dangerous thoughts to a country that is so completely devoid of religious freedom and tolerance. 1,2 However, there is currently a movement towards increased freedom and tolerance in Saudi Arabia in recent years that is very encouraging.

We have also heard a rumor that we were blocked by the Internet censorship software at WebSense.


The list below shows the awards that we have received for our site as a whole. We have another list of awards given for individual essays or sections of our web site.

Site-Wide Awards: Where we rank on the Internet:

The following three should tell you a lot about the quality of awards on the Internet. ;-)

Top 5% awardWe received the Top 5% of the Web award from Lycos/Point. Their review reads:

"As its name implies, this religion-based site is not about forcing moral values on you. It's sort of a fair of the spiritual world: lots of information on various religions ("from Asatru to Zoroastrianism") and spiritual issues are presented so the reader can make his or her own choices. Conflicts between the religious powers that be and current issues such as homosexuality and abortion are described (without conclusions -- draw your own), along with a short history of such conflicts (where the Catholic Church banned the practice of charging interest on loans, of all things)."

Bottom 95% awardIn addition to qualifying for the "top 5% of the Web" award, we also received the coveted "Bottom 95% of Web Sites" award.

Mid 5% awardFinally, we also qualified for the " mid 5% of the Web" award. Their motto is: "If you're too good or too lousy, you're out."

Other Site-Wide Awards:

This is not an award in the usual sense of the term. Dr. Mohamed Taher included the name of our coordinator/author, along with 17 others, in his Multifaith Hall of Fame of the 21st Century. See:

Reviewed by 
Schoolzone - the leading independent educational review body Schoolzone is the UK's leading evaluation service for online educational resources. They gave us a "highly recommended rating" and renewed it in 2010.

Rock Hill Press maintains "Web Feet is the premier subject guide to the best Web sites for students, researchers, and the general public." It is  "the first comprehensive Web guide that is interactive and updated monthly....A site is included in Web Feet only if our researchers think it is an outstanding site in its subject area. The Web Feet Seal of Approval tells teachers, librarians, parents, and students that your site is especially valuable for research, teaching, or general interest."

WNET, a PBS TV station broadcasts a RELIGION & ETHICS NEWSWEEKLY. They choose a Web site each month that they "find to be a significant contribution to religion and ethics." We were the web site of the month for 1999-SEP.

Amy Brown of Heather Wind Designs commented: "This award is designed to recognize and honor those generous folk who illuminate the Web through the gift of knowledge, whether through design resources or inspiring thought. It is never given lightly."

DETOX, "the religious recovery webzine, is a forum of scathing satire, do-it-yourself humour, annotated links and community...The DETOX Award is given to two web sites" each month.

High Density Hawk Award High Density Computing gives their Hawk award for excellence in web site design. About one submission in 23 qualifies. 

JASBITS selected our web site as "a site of honorable mention." They look for sites that are "unique in content and have something to offer our visitors along the lines of news, culture, entertainment, information and promote tolerance and respect for our fellow human beings."

The Anthropomorphic diversity Support Association (ADSA) supports the "anthropomorphic community ...[which]  includes 'furries' (fans of therianthropic art), people who play roleplaying games, fantasy and science fiction fans, and others.  The community is composed mainly of people who are fans of (or who have a personal connection with) anthropomorphics.  Anthropomorphics include anything with human elements that is not entirely human, or involves transformation; such as werewolves, mannequins, elves, or transgenderism." We were selected to be among the first group of nine web sites to be considered for affiliate status because of "the diversity that...[our] website provides." 

Our site was selected "as one of Chatelaine magazine's  'Editors' Choice' News and Views destinations for women on the Web!... Chatelaine is Canada's largest paid circulation women's magazine--focusing on everything from Food + Recipes, Home + Garden and Health, to women's politics and passions."

Our site was selected for a People's Choice Website 500 award. 

Harmony AwardMercy AwardThe World Wide Web Golden Heart Society grants awards to "humanitarian Web sites."

Suite101 Best of Web Logo Suite101 maintains an extensive list of hyperlinks to web sites on a wide range of subjects. Our site "has been chosen by Daniel Ellsworth, contributing editor for Christianity - Protestant, as one of the 'Best of the Internet'."

Essential SiteAward Third Age is an online community for people over 50. They feature a "Web Guide" offering a lens on the Web for older adults.

EyeSITE awardOur site has been selected as a "Day Award Winner" by EyeSITE.

This site was given a "FOUR STAR RATING" by NetGuide Magazine.

Alternative Alternate Realities in Art and Thought selected us as their first Recommended Site of the Month. They stated: "We recommend you view this site which we believe provides an outstanding service to the Web Pagan and Earth Religions Communities and to the Web Viewership in general."

S.O.L.A.C.E. AwardWe were the first recipient of this award! The Award of S.O.L.A.C.E stands for: a Source Of Love And Compassion for Everyone. S.O.L.A.C.E. seems to be no longer online.

Mystic Site of the Web Award AvatarSearch granted this award, stating "The Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance is probably among the most honorable institutions currently on the Internet. The site consists of....over 300 text files on an immense variety of topics, all of which are in various ways related to religious tolerance...Financed mostly out of pocket and directed toward an American and Canadian audience, they have given various lectures on the topic of religious tolerance. If you have never visited their web site then I highly recommend that you pay them a visit." AvatarSearch has a truly immense data base of mystical, Neo-Pagan, occult and related WWW sites.

'Dow Walking' Award Doe Walking granted this award, commenting: "a group of four volunteers...have created an amazing site where they have compiled and presented information about various spiritual beliefs in a reasonable and unbiased manner. Go here to learn about various religious paths, but be prepared to have your mind opened.

'Your WebScout' Award Your WebSearch judged our site as a "Way Cool excellent service..."

'2-e Award Twoey's Web Site judged our site to be one of the "coolest links". We are listed under the "interesting category".

ARIL Award SymbolThis site was awarded a Hot Site designation by the Association for Religion and Intellectual Life. They commented:

A refreshing voice for inter-religious understanding within a sea of Internet intolerance. This site contains much useful information about world religions, religious hatred, and other related topics, including many interesting links and opportunities for dialogue across religious boundaries.

---------------------------------Our site received a three star rating from the Magellan Internet Directory. They gave us a nice review too.

We have been selected to be included Online Praxis This is a special edition of PC Praxis which is one of Germany's most popular computer magazines. It will include a CD-ROM containing this and other WWW sites.

We have been told that the Detroit Free Press newspaper for 1996-AUG-1 listed the top 5 religious WWW sites as selected by Anne Callery of Yahoo. Our page was listed as #2. We have been unable to confirm this.

OSWARD award The Ontario Society of Wiccans Against Religious Discrimination gave us their "OSWARD Out of The Broom Closet Award." This award is normally reserved for Wiccans; however they made an exception in our case.

Mom 'n' Dad award Mom 'n' Dad's Place gave us their award of excellence. They are located in New Zealand.

goldsite award Our site was chosen as "Gwydion's Golden Site of the Month" by the folks at the Texas Pagan Awareness Web Site

bunaward.gif (17936 bytes) This award regonizes "web sites that are creative, colorful, friendly, and "bring a smile" to those who come to visit!! Your pages must also have a good layout and be easy to navigate."

uls_rtol.gif (4261 bytes) These awards are distributed by the Universal Life and Spirit, a Light of Sibmah Metaphysical Ministry, to Web sites that exhibit "an expression of open-mindedness of all spiritual practices."

This is a monthly award distributed by Canadian Gay Witches Web Site. That site "is not only dedicated to Gay Witches but also to Gay Pagans from accross the world."

Sermons on the Internet granted us this award "after closely reviewing" our site. But we still have a hunch that they made a mistake, thinking that we are a mono-religious web site.

Old Ways: A Journal of the Craft in the Modern Age commented: "You have done an excellent job and provide a much needed service to the Internet community."

Spirit Network states that "The Lotus Light is awarded on the basis of useful information content, presentation of content, and graphic design, in that order." We are glad that it is in that order; our graphical design is not world-class. We pour almost all our effort into content.

The Celtic Circle issues one award twice a month.

The Orchid Lady created the Orchid Award to recognize the "many marvelous and wonderful sites" that she has encountered on the Web. The Orchid Lady has a list of criteria of what she feels makes a good web site. It are definitely worth a read at:

The Gray Areas on the Net Award is given to one web site per day. They say that: "Surfing the links below with an open mind can lead to a greater understanding of many social problems, deviant subcultures and marginal/alternative/fringe cultures."

miningco.gif (3231 bytes) Tammy Todd, the Guide to Alternative Religions for The Mining Co., selected this site for the Best of the Net award. She commented: "The OCRT is, hands down, the best source for religious information on the Internet. Your thorough, unbiased account of the topics and religions you cover is an inspiration to the authors of all other religious pages, including me." <blush>

castle.jpg (21063 bytes) The Circle of the Ancient Ways is a very attractive Web site with extensive information on Wicca, Egyptian Spirituality, Shamanism, etc.

Our site was selected by the Contributing Editor of on the topic of cults.  He commented: "I seriously enjoyed the information and the way in which your site is organized so that it facilitates the search for information."

discoverit.gif (4474 bytes) Our site was listed by Discover It! as "the Best of the Web."

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fd_logo.gif (1638 bytes) Third Age is "The Web...for Grown Ups," a content and community site for adults over 45.

fuggins logo  The Fuggins' Award for Excellence is given for web site excellence. Webmaster Tim Gore comments: "While it is not limited to any category of site, the site I give this award to must be spectacular in some way."

This award is for a site "that promotes Peace, Tolerance, and Understanding. The world is lacking much of the afore mentioned qualities and this award goes to a site that is trying to promote them."

Channel Thirteen in New York has a website called wNetstation. They selected our site as their "religion site of the month." This is a feature on their Religion & Ethics Newsweekly page.

4anything at chose our site "as one of the best of the web within your category."

Richard Nolle, a certified professional astrologer, is webmaster of Astropro. He selected our site for Astropro's Website of the Week Award.

Key ResourceLinks2Go listed our site as a Key Resource in their Religion and Philosophy section. They make their selection from the most-cited of web sites in each category.

  Christian Teens at chose our site as a feature for the week.

We were given this award by B.W. Holmes of Reasoned Spirituality. It is a website which explores spirituality, the meaning of life and the concept of God.

Astral Hearts gave us their Star of Wisdom. It is given "to websites which promote spiritual wisdom on the Internet in all areas of spiritual and personal growth."

Our site was selected by Linda Campbell, the Contributing Editor of, on the topic of Modern Customs: Origins and History.    

We were chosen to be the "Political Site of the Day." PSotD is located at: Next to a hyperlink to our site they said: "Like there is any other option." But there is another option to religious tolerance. We have seen it in recent years in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Cyprus, Sudan, Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, New York, the Pentagon, a field in Pennsylvania, etc. The other option leads to terrorism and dead bodies.

TagTeacherNet (no longer active) recommended our site to its 24,400 members, most of whom are teachers.

Michael Levy sent this award to us, writing: "Congratulations on displaying such an excellent, meaningful web site. Point of life is delighted to award you a Merit of Excellence Award for outstanding content and sincerity." gave us an award that is "presented to those sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition."  Web sites are voted on by members of the Association.

The editor and staff of The Mists of Sunfire book give this award to web sites which have "an excellent aesthetic appearance" and shows "respect and truthfulness when discussing legitimate legal religions and faiths."

Top of everything,com  "...categorizes and evaluates the best sites available online..." They included our site under their religion section.

A UK group, Schoolzone, evaluates Internet sites for the British government's educational division. They gave our site four stars -- their "highly recommended rating."

EarthMomma grants this award to web sties that promote religious freedom. Her site features women's "spiritual art from the cave to the present."

The Wise Pagan website -- no longer active -- selected our site as one of the top ten websites that they "... find to be of great import and esteem to the Pagan Community. These are sites which have served to uplift the dialogue within the larger Pagan community or have provided services to the Pagan community which we value."

See also a list of awards for individual sections of our web site


  1. Jonathan Zittrain & Benjamin Edelman, "Documentation of Internet Filtering in Saudi Arabia," at:
  2. Jonathan Zittrain & Benjamin Edelman, "URLs blocked in Saudi Arabia - Highlights," at:

Latest update: 2017-OCT-31
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