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Books and Internet references

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Books on the Bahá'í Faith:

bullet Abdu'l-Baha, et al., "Some Answered Questions," Baha'i Pub. Trust, (1984). Read reviews or order this book

bullet Baha'u'llah, "Bahai prayers: A selection of prayers," Bahai Pub Trust, (1991). Read reviews or order this book savely from online book store

bullet Juan Cole, "Modernity and the Millennium," Columbia University Press, (1998). "This volume illuminates the complexity and ambiguity that characterized the changing relationship of Bahaullah and his followers to modernity." Read reviews/order this book

bullet J.E. Esslemont, "Baha'U'Llah and the New Era : An Introduction to the Baha'I Faith," Bahai Pub. Trust, (1980)  Review/order this book

bullet William Miller, "The Baha'i Fath: Its history and teachings," William Carey Library, (1974). Review/order this book This book is very controversial among Baha'is.

bullet Moojan Momen, "The Bahai Faith: A short introduction," Oneworld Publ., (1999 reissue) Review/order this book

bullet Peter Smith, "A Concise Encyclopedia of the Baha'i Faith," Oneworld Publications, (1999). Review/order this book

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Books on the Baha'i faith:


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Internet references:

Official web sites:

bullet The official worldwide "Bahá'í Faith website" is at: Translations are avalable in multiple languages. (Bahá’í International Community)


"Welcome to the Bahá'í Faith" at: National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States


"The Bahá'í Community of Canada welcomes you," at: Bahá’í Community Canada


"UK Bahá'í," is the UK site, at: National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United Kingdom.

Other web sites:

bullet "Bahá'í Faith: Wikipedia, as on 2017-NOV-19, at:

bullet Bahá'í BBC News, at: This is an archived section.

bullet Juan R.I. Cole, "Baha'i Studies," at:

bullet Jonah Winters' "Bahá'í Academics Resource Area" is at:


Bahai Teachings, at:

bullet "Islam and the Baha'i Faith" is a Web site by an individual member of the Baha'i Faith. It promotes "a better understanding of the relationship between the Baha'i Faith and Islam, and to dispel some of the misconceptions which may have led to feelings of mistrust and suspicion."See: It is available in Arabic at:

bullet Fredrick Glaysher has an extensive reform website "The Bahai Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience" at:

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Bahá'í mailing lists, discussion groups, email service, etc:

bullet The Baha'i Association of UCLA at:

bullet Gay/Lesbian Baha'i Story Project at:

bullet The Baha'i spiritual development mailing list at:

bullet "H-Bahai" is a member of the H-Net, Humanities & Social Sciences On-Line initiative. H-Bahai encourages scholarly discussion of the culture and history of the Bahá'í Faith and makes available diverse bibliographical, research, and teaching aids. See:

bullet Just a Bahai Blog deals largely with news related to sexual orientation. See:

bullet Planet Bahá'í has a forum, newsletter, glossary, etc at:

bullet soc.religion.bahai at:

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