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"Hot" religious topics


Some basic questions -- often rarely discussed --
that underlie many religious & ethical conflicts

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As of late 2011, there are a number of prominent controversies and conflicts with a religious or ethical content in the U.S. Among the leading "hot" topics are:

During 2010, there was a very intense topic:

However, with the 2010-NOV elections, controversy over the community center seemed to evaporate overnight. Still, study of the hatred that was generated by this topic can be useful to study today.

These topics share a common phenomenon: even as angry debate is occurring at one level, there are one or more questions at a deeper level that are not often being considered. Yet, these deeper questions may well hold the key that makes a consensus and resolution of the conflict possible.

Unfortunately, passions are often so high that neither side trusts data from studies made by others. True dialogue will probably require both or all sides to enter into joint studies in a way that both will accept the findings. That is an almost impossible task.

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Basic quesions underlying the following topics:

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Originally posted on 2010-AUG-22
Latest update on: 2017-MAY-07
Compiled by B.A. Robinson

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