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George Bloomer, "Witchcraft in the Pews, Pneuma Life Publishing, Bakersfield, CA (1996) ISBN 1-56229-447-4. Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store

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This book comes with endorsements from many pastors of Evangelical churches and ministries. The theme of the book is the infiltration of Witchcraft into Christian churches, and the growing influence of Satan within Christianity.

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The author identifies a common weakness in some congregations in which either the pastor or a faction within the church "seemed excessively controlling and wanted to influence every decision," This he equates to the practice of witchcraft. He expresses concern with the Muslim sponsorship of the Million Man March on Washington DC. He criticizes some churches for making marriage services available to all of their members, including homosexual couples. He questions whether the Religious Right is truly Christian.

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He writes that there are three words used in the English translations of the Bible to define the occult. They are "the pillars of demonology:"
bullet Divination, which he defines as fortune telling through the use of tarot cards, tea leaves, crystal balls etc.
bullet Sorcery, which he claims uses drugs, dancing, charms and makeup. In reality, sorcery uses spoken words and rituals to change the future.
bullet Witchcraft, which advocates disobedience and leads to domination, manipulation and control of others. In reality, Wicca, which is the main form of Witchcraft in the U.S., forbids its members from attempting to harm others. Their main rule of behavior, the Wiccan Rede, prohibits Wiccans from using spells or other rituals to influence the behaviors of others.

Some points raised in the book:

bullet In an apparent reference to court decisions concerning Wicca he notes that Witchcraft has been recognized as a religious movement by the U.S. government. He states that Wiccans pray to devils. In reality, they worship a God and a Goddess. He links Wicca with the hillside strangler in California whom he claims was a devil worshiper. Ken Bianchi (1935 - 2002) certainly was a sexual sadist. He killed nine young women. But there is absolutely no indication that he was a Wiccan.
bullet He states that the aboriginals of Latin America, practiced Witchcraft before the European invasion and the forced conversion to Roman Catholicism. The original religions in Latin America were certainly non-Christian. However, they were unrelated to Witchcraft.
bullet He lists "spiritual wickedness in high places" within Christian churches which are caused by the infiltration of Witchcraft. These include allowing gays and lesbians to be ordained into the ministry, permitting adultery, promoting positive thinking, engaging in mental telepathy, etc. None of these practices are particularly linked to Wicca or other forms of Witchcraft.
bullet He defines witchcraft as including worship of any deity other than the Christian Trinity. This would include Islam, Hinduism, Taoism and essentially all of the great world religions as forms of Witchcraft.
bullet He links Witchcraft to Santeria, which is practiced in many Caribbean countries. In reality, Santeria is a syncretistic Caribbean religion formed from a merger of Roman Catholicism and the beliefs of the Yoruba and Bantu people in Southern Nigeria, Senegal and Guinea Coast. It is unrelated to Witchcraft.

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