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The Shroud of Turin

Part 1 of 2: Conclusions. Books promoting
its origin in Judea during the 1st Century CE

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It is inevitable that a topic of such great significance to Christian believers would accumulate conspiracy theories. Two are:

bullet That the 1988 samples were doctored before the Carbon-14 tests were made so that tests would indicate that the shroud dates only from the 14th century. Ian Wilson demolishes this belief in his recent book on the shroud. 1
bullet Holger Kersten & Elmar R. Gruber, authors of The Jesus Conspiracy, argue that the Vatican is aware that the shroud is Jesus burial cloth. However, there is evidence on the shroud that Jesus survived the crucifixion. With no death on the cross, there would have been no resurrection. This would have destroyed much of the Catholic Church's theology. And so, the Church engineered a massive conspiracy to generate phony Carbon 14 dates.

A serious problem with past studies of the Shroud is that most of the experts and other investigators appear to be strongly committed to the belief that the Shroud was used during Jesus' burial. Meanwhile, others are strongly committed to proving that it is not.

Webmaster's comment: [bias alert]

I believe that none of the four possibilities (the shroud being a relic, historical artifact, icon, or fraud) has been proven beyond reasonable doubt. Many scientific investigations of questionable accuracy have been performed. The Carbon-14 data looks reasonably conclusive. However it would be necessary to replicate the measurements, perhaps using more extreme cleaning techniques, and taking samples from various parts of the shroud before one could say with certainty that it was made from flax that was alive in the early 14th century. Hopefully, the Roman Catholic church will consent to further Carbon-14 tests. One can always hope.

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Books promoting a 1st century origin of the shroud:

bullet book cover Mark Antonacci, "The Resurrection of the Shroud: New Scientific, Medical, and Archeological Evidence," M Evans, (2000) Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store

bullet book cover Janice Bennett, "Sacred Blood, Sacred Image: The Sudarium of Oviedo, New Evidence for the Authenticity of the Shroud of Turin," Libri de Hispania, (2001). Read reviews or order this book

bullet book cover Thomas Case, "The shroud of Turin and the C-14 dating fiasco," White Horse Press, (1996). Read reviews or order this book

bullet book cover Helmut Felzmann, "Resurrected or Revived - Why the Turin Shroud puts the Core of Pauline Christianity in Question," Kindle format, (2012) Read reviews or order this book

bullet book cover Helmut Felzmann, "In Search of the "Real God" - Beyond Pauline Christianity ," Souvenir Pr., (2012) Read reviews or order this book

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 More books promoting a 1st century origin of the shroud: 
bullet book cover Leoncio A. Garza-Valdes, "DNA of God: Newly Discovered Secrets," Berkley Publ., (2001). Read reviews or order this book

bullet book cover Vittorio Guerrera, "The Shroud of Turin: A Case of Authenticity," (2000). Read reviews or order this book

bullet book cover Rodney Hoare, "The Turin shroud is genuine: The irrefutable evidence," Souvenir Pr., (1999) Read reviews or order this book

bullet book cover J.C. Iannone, "The mystery of the Shroud of Turin: New scientific evidence," Alba House, (1998). Read reviews or order this book

bullet book coverbook cover J.C. Iannone, "The mystery of the Shroud of Turin: The Case for Authenticity," Alba House, Paperback and Kindle formats, (1998). Read reviews or order this book

bullet book cover G.R. Jeffrey, "Jesus: The great debate," Frontier Research, Paperback and Kindle formats, (1999), Chapter 7, Pages 113 to 157. Read reviews or order this book. This book covers a lot of ground, but devotes a chapter to the Shroud.

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This topic continues with more books in the next essay.

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  1. Ian Wilson, The Blood and the Shroud: New Evidence that the World's Most Sacred Relic is Real," Simon & Schuster, (1998). Read reviews or order this book

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Originally written: 1999-NOV-18
Latest update: 2015-AUG-08
Author: B.A. Robinson

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