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Classifying Christian faith groups and belief systems:

Today, there are many ways of classifying the over 1,500 faith groups in North America that consider themselves to be Christian. One can sort them:

bullet Into three or four meta-groups (e.g. Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, and perhaps Anglican),
bullet By "wing" (e.g. conservative, mainline, and liberal),
bullet By religious family, (Baptist, Lutheran, Pentecostal, etc.)
bullet By denomination (From the Amish to The Way), and
bullet By theological belief system (Calvinism, Arminianism, etc.; They often cut across denominational boundaries.) See below.

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Some theological belief systems and movements are listed below.

bullet Anglo-Israelism & British Israelism
bullet World Wide Church of God
bullet Arminianism
bullet Calvinism
bullet Christian Identity Movement
bullet Evangelical wing of Christianity
bullet Progressive Christianity
bullet Dominionism (a.k.a. Reconstructionist Movement, Dominion theology, Theonomy)
bullet "Faith segment" criteria used by the Barna Group -- the main U.S. religious polling group
bullet Essays on many more topics remain to be written

bullet Related topics:
bullet Reacting to religious diversity: Exclusivism, pluralism, inclusivism

bullet Christian beliefs on the status of Jews: Supercessionism & dual covenant belief

bullet Competing theories about the "end times" and millennialism

bullet Essay by Rabbi Allen Maller: One God with Many Faces: A religious view of pluralism

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