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There are dozens of versions of the Bible, and untold numbers of books, catechisms, commentaries, confessions, creeds, dictionaries, graphics, illustrations, maps, and other Christian material available that you can download into your computer at no cost -- as long as your computer has the required capacity. Unfortunately, some modern writings and Bible translations are not accessible because of copyright restrictions.

Some sources are:

e-Sword™: Rick Meyers is a Bible student, teacher and software designer. He has created a free software package that includes numerous features. A few are:
bullet You can download such Bible translations as the American Standard Version, Contemporary English Version, Darby bible, Douay-Rheims, Good News Translation, King James Version, Young's Literal Translation, etc.
bullet You can view a parallel Bible which displays up to four translations side-by-side.
bullet An editor is integrated into the package, with a spell checker and thesaurus.
bullet Strong's definitions are displayed.
bullet A powerful search engine.
bullet A graphics viewer allows you to study maps, charts and other images.


The CrossWire Bible Society of Tempe AZ provides software for Linux and Windows operating systems, and for handheld units such as the Qtopia and Agneda PDA. The Sword Project for Windows is a "full featured Bible study package for the layman and exegete alike." They have an ever "growing collection of over 200 texts in over 50 languages." Included are Bible translations in dozens of languages from Afrikaans to Xhosa. Forty-six English translations versions are listed, not all of which are accessible because of copyright restrictions.

CrossWire Bible Society's home page is at:

The Sword Project's index page is at:

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