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Specific Christian beliefs:
Ancient & modern; conservative & liberal.

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What this section is all about:

There are approximately 20,000 Christian faith groups in the world. They teach very different sets of beliefs.

Most Christians are comfortable with the beliefs taught by the faith group that they have grown up with or that they have selected later in life. Many are not aware of the diverse beliefs taught by other groups.

In this section, we try to acquaint people with the diversity of beliefs within Christianity.

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Topics covered in this section:

bullet General topics:
bullet Who exactly is a Christian? This question generates many angry E-mails to us; but it cannot be helped.

bullet Overview of the Christian creeds

bullet US Public Opinion Polls on religion

bullet Christian beliefs in the U.S., compared with other "Christian" nations

bullet What Christians believe about other faiths

bullet What Americans believe about various faiths

bullet Beliefs held in common by many Christian denominations:
bullet Overview of historical Christian religious beliefs

bullet Cardinal beliefs

bullet Justification: A joint declaration by Catholics, Methodists, and Lutherans 

bullet Specific beliefs:
bullet Abortion - past and present

bullet Afterlife: See "Life after death"

bullet Ascension of Jesus towards Heaven

bullet Atonement: reconciling humanity and God. "the central doctrine of Christianity." 1

bullet Creation science: See Origins below

bullet Demonic possession and exorcisms

bullet Divorce and remarriage

bullet Dominion Theology and Genesis 1:26

bullet Environmental concerns

bullet Evolution: See Origins

bullet The "fall" of humanity

bullet Global warming: See Environment

bullet Homosexuality -- beliefs of various denominations 

bullet Inerrancy of the Bible: Is it free of errors? Indicators of errancy.

bullet Justification: A joint declaration by Catholics, Methodists, and Lutherans

bullet Life after death - the Afterlife. (A big topic, since 76% of us expect to die someday*)

bullet Marriage: Marriage and civil unions


Millennium: Competing beliefs about the end of our world.

ETOTWAWKI: The end of the world as we know it, as prophesized by Jesus and Paul:


Origin of the species, of Earth, and the rest of the universe:

bullet Original sin

bullet Prayer: using it to assess the will of God; a pilot study

bullet Purgatory: fact or fantasy?

bullet Rapture: hoax or hope?

bullet Resurrection of Jesus: Did Jesus rise again after he died?

bullet Salvation: Are some saved, and others lost?

bullet Satan:
bullet Overview, Satan in the Bible, beliefs about Satan,
bullet Development of the concept of Satan
bullet Demons

bullet Sexuality and gender

bullet Sin: (Was Jesus sinless? Original sin, etc.)

bullet Soul, spirit, body, mind, brain, etc. What a person is made of. A range of descriptions and definitions

bullet The Ten Commandments    Posting them in public schools etc.

bullet Urban legends - contemporary beliefs that are hoaxes

bullet Virgin birth of Jesus: Was Joseph the father of Jesus?

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See also some related menus and essays:

bullet Menu: Religious practices
bullet Menu: Christian ethical policies, symbols and organizations.
bullet What the Bible says about various topics.
bullet Comparison of conservative Protestant and Roman Catholic beliefs

* An AP survey in 1997 revealed that 24% of American adults expect to be still alive when Jesus returns. They probably believe that they will never experience death. This percentage has probably declined in recent years, because the massive Year 2000 disruption expected by many Americans fizzled, and the percentage of American adults who identify themselves as Christians has been declining. However, it might increase somewhat as the end of 2012 approaches and the widely expected disasters associated with the Winter Soltice that year also fizzle.

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