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The evangelical wing of Christianity

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cross symbol About the term "evangelical:"

The term "evangelical" has a wide range of meanings within Christianity.

On this web site, we define it as: "the conservative wing of Protestant Christianity, comprising many denominations and faith groups that tightly hold to historical Protestant Christian creeds, beliefs and practices."

"Evangelical" is an umbrella term which Includes Christian Identity, Fundamentalist, Pentecostal and Reconstructionist, some Baptist and many other groups of Christian denominations.

Some examples of evangelical denominations are: Assemblies of God, Southern Baptists, Independent Baptists, Black Protestants, African Methodist Episcopal, African Methodist Episcopal Zion; Church of Christ, Churches of God in Christ, Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, National Baptist Church, National Progressive Baptist Church, Nondenominational, Pentecostal denominations, and the Presbyterian Church in America. Many theologians would also include as evangelicals the conservative members and reform movements within such mainline denominations as the Episcopal Church, USA, the Presbyterian Church (USA), and the United Methodist Church.

In addition to the evangelical wing, most theologians consider there to be two other main wings of Protestantism: the mainline and liberal/progressive denominations.

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Topics in this section that deal with the evangelical wing of Christianity:

bullet Definitions of the term "evangelical"


star Evangelical church teachings compared with members' actual beliefs

bullet Evangelical statements of beliefs

bullet Divisions within the evangelical movement

bullet A cross-cultural dictionary of religious terms as used by evangelicals and others

bullet A note to evangelicals who are distressed at the contents of this web site.

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Social concerns of particular interest to many evangelicals:

bullet Limiting or eliminating abortion access

bullet Biblical inerrancy

bullet About origins of the universe, the Earth, and its forms of life: creation science, intelligent design and evolution


Preventing equal rights for persons with a homosexual or bisexual orientation


Preventing equal rights for persons with a transgender gender identity

bullet Preventing same-sex marriage

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