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Demonic Possession & Oppression; Exorcism


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Theological origins of demon possession in Judaism:

The ancient Hebrews believed in evil spirits who were capable of indwelling human minds. They were mentioned in Judges, 1 Kings. and 1 Samuel. However they did not form a major part of their religious belief system when compared to the beliefs of the Pagan tribes surrounding them.

Judaism, during the 1st century CE, began to believe in Satan as a profoundly evil entity controlling hordes of demons. S.H.Y. Page wrote in his book: "Powers of Evil: A Biblical study of Satan & demons:

"Among other things, the forces of evil [were considered to] promote injustice, the oppression of the people of God, idolatry, deception and violence." 1

Many theologians believe that these concepts were picked up from the Zoroastrian faith in Persia many centuries previously during the Hebrew's captivity in Babylonian. Zoroastrians believe in an all-good deity and an all-evil deity. They were viewed as having equal powers. This may have morphed into an evil Satan accompanying Yahweh as two main supernatural forces in the universe.

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Christian teachings on demonic possession and exorcism:

Christianity has historically taught that Satan roams about the world attempting to harm, harass, and destroy humans. Perhaps because of the Christian belief that Satan is a created being -- a fallen angel -- who is incapable of being in more than one place at one time, Satan was viewed as being in control of hordes of demons who were largely responsible for performing evil acts.

There are many dozens of passages in the Christian Scriptures which describe the belief that demons can indwell or possess a human being and cause them to behave strangely. Much mental and physical illness was attributed to this origin during the 1st century CE. A major part of the Gospels and Acts involve Jesus' healing ministry of exorcism. He is recorded as having cured numerous sick people by banishing one or more demons from their body. In one memorable incident, he transferred a thousand demonic spirits from one person to a herd of pigs. However, Paul's epistles, Revelation and other books in the Christian Scriptures are silent on this topic.

According to the Christian Scriptures:


Demon possession is not related to sin that a person may have performed.


Both humans and animals can be possessed, sometimes by many demons.


Demons cause physical effects in possessed people: one woman was able to foretell the future; others were made mute, unable to straighten their back, giving the person superhuman strength, etc.


The Gods worshiped by non-Christians are either Satan or one of his demons.

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Do evil spirits exist; is exorcism needed?

There is no consensus in North America about the existence of indwelling evil spirits, and effectiveness of exorcism:

bullet A Barna Research poll in 2002-AUG showed that 54% of adult Americans believe that: "a human being can be under the control or the influence of spiritual forces such as demons." 2

bullet Belief in demonic spirits is particularly common among conservative Christians, Generally speaking, these groups believe in the inerrancy of the Bible. The Christian Scriptures (a.k.a. New Testament) contain so many references to exorcisms by Jesus and the Apostles, that believers who interpret the Bible literally are almost compelled to believe in demons, demonic possession, and exorcism as the cause of much or all mental illness and profoundly evil behavior.

bullet Roman Catholicism continues to teach the existence of demonic possession. Until recently, every baptism contained what was basically an exorcism of the infant. However, they believe that most people coming for exorcisms are not the victims of demonic possession. Rather, they need help from a mental health therapist. For the small percentage of people who seek exorcisms who are under the control of demons, the Church is suggesting that each of its dioceses have a trained exorcist on staff.

bullet Essentially all liberal Christians have long abandoned belief in demons. They regard Biblical passages about demons as quaint literature from ancient times, which are unrelated to reality. They are valuable only as myths, and as now discredited explanations of schizophrenia, epilepsy and other disorders by a pre-scientific society in first century CE Palestine.

bullet All or essentially all Atheists, Agnostics, Wiccans, other Neo-pagans have also abandoned belief in Satan and demons.

Cultural icons die hard. Hollywood continues to crank out many grade B movies, and the occasional feature film, which includes demon possession and exorcisms as main themes.

Physical abuse during exorcisms occasionally causes serious injury 3 or death. 4 Accidental homicides occur at the rate of about one per year in North America. In the past few years, we have noticed news items about exorcism murders in Ontario, Canada, and in California and New Jersey in the U.S.

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