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Relationships between
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Many religions have had a difficult time tolerating other faiths. This is particularly true with Christianity in western Europe. Two of the worse examples of inter-religious hatred and persecution have been:

bullet Anti-Semitic teachings and prosecutions over many centuries which directly caused the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent Jews. They indirectly laid the foundation for the Nazi holocaust and the loss of 6 million Jewish lives.
bullet A religious genocide conducted during the 15th to 18th centuries. Tens of thousands of innocent people who were believed to be Witches or other heretics, were located, tortured, and burned alive. (After the Reformation, Protestants continued the Witch hunt, but they preferred to hang the innocent victims rather than burn them alive.)

Religiously motivated wars, genocides, and civil unrest continue today, largely among Christians, Muslims and Jews. There is a critical need for both international, national, and local agencies that promote Christian-Muslim-Jewish cooperation and understanding. They are notable by their near absence.

In the U.S. there have been attempts by Congressional leaders and conservative Christian groups to terminate the religious freedoms of some non-Christians in the military.

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Topics covered in this section:



bullet How Christians view other religions
bullet How Christians and others view Atheists
bullet How Roman Catholics view other religions


Jewish-Christian Relations: 

bullet Persecution of Jews by Pagans and Christians
bullet About Jesus' execution:
bullet Who is/was Responsible for Jesus' Death?
bullet Mel Gibson's movie: The Passion of the Christ
bullet Anti-Judaic Passages in the Bible (being written)
bullet Blood libel, ritual murder, host desecration and other anti-Judaic myths
bullet Current Attempts to Convert Jews to Christianity - Opposing Beliefs
bullet Christian apology to Jews and Muslims for the Crusades  
bullet Southern Baptist prayer guides
bullet Dabru Emet, a statement on Jewish-Christian relations.
bullet Christian Zionism: Christian support for the state of Israel

Muslim-Christian Relations:

bullet Christian apology to Jews and Muslims for the Crusades
bullet Southern Baptist prayer guides
bullet Arab Christian-Muslim Working Group
bullet Interreligious Gathering of Prayer for World Peace, Kyoto, Japan


Neopagan-Christian Relations:

bullet Past attempts at genocide against Witches & other heretics
bullet Recent threats and conflicts between Christianity and Wicca
bullet Hatred and misinformation directed at Wiccans and other Neopagans
bullet On the Internet
bullet On radio
bullet Joint Christian-Neopagan environmental project
bullet Political leaders demonstrating contempt for Wicca:
bullet The 1st "Burning Times" award given to Governor Johanns (R-NE)
bullet The 2nd "Burning Times" award given to Rep. Barr (R-GA)
bullet Attacks on Wiccans in the U.S. Army:
bullet Christian boycott against Wiccans in the military
bullet Family Research Council essay about Wiccans in the Army

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