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"I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Christian Scriptures (New Testament), John 14:6. That passage has been a prime motivator of Christian evangelical activity towards Jews and other non-Christians:


Relations between Christians and Jews have traditionally been horrific. Christians have a past history of exterminating large numbers of Jews and/or forcibly converting Jews to Christianity.

bullet The Christian church taught for many centuries that all of the Jews in 1st century Palestine were responsible for deicide -- the execution of Jesus. Further, they taught that each successive generation of Jews shared equal responsibility with their ancestors. Almost all denominations abandoned this belief by 1965.
bullet In the 10th century, Christian Crusaders systematically exterminated uncounted thousands of Jews on their way to and from the Holy Land.
bullet In 1492, Spanish Jews were given the option of converting to Christianity or being expelled from their own country.
bullet The Spanish Inquisition was established, in part, to ferret out any former Jews that had not sincerely converted.
bullet The predominately Christian American colonies frequently denied Jews the right to hold public office.
bullet Pogroms (organized persecution and massacre of Jews) in Czarist Russia and in eastern Europe resulted in the deaths of countless thousands of Jews.
bullet During the Nazi Holocaust of World War II, approximately 6 million Jews were exterminated by citizens of various European countries; the vast majority of the murderers considered themselves to be Christians; all were volunteers. There is a general consensus that the Holocaust could not have happened without centuries of Christian anti-Jewish teachings.
bullet Anti-semitic attacks on individual Jews, their property, cemeteries and synagogues continue today worldwide, and are increasing in frequency.
bullet More horrific details.

A main point of conflict between Jews and Christians today is the attempt by many conservative Christian groups to convert Jews to Christianity through persuasion. This is viewed by many Jews as an attack on their religion.

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Topics covered in this section:

bullet Theological differences within Christianity concerning Judaism

bullet Policies of Fundamentalist and other conservative Christian groups:
bullet The Alliance of Baptist Statement (1995)
bullet Southern Baptist Convention's (SBC) resolutions
bullet Reaction to the SBC 1996 resolution
bullet The SBC's pamphlet (1999)

bullet Policies of mainline and liberal Christian groups

Note: In this essay, the term "Christian" refers to any individual or group that seriously, prayerfully, devoutly believes themselves to be Christian. Our criteria is the same as used by a government census office or public opinion polls. More information

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Internet sites on both sides of the topic:

Sites promoting evangelism of Jews include:

bullet American Missionary Fellowship at:
bullet Menorah Ministries at:
bullet Rob Shipe, "Christianity and the Jews," at:
bullet Southern Baptist Convention at   

Sites opposing Christian evangelism include:

bullet Jews for Judaism is the largest countermissionary organization in the world, and is dedicated to combating Christian missionizing to the Jews. See:
bullet Rabbi Tovia Singer's Outreach Judaism at:
bullet Torah Life and Living at:
bullet S. J. Greenstein, "We are NOT going to burn in Hell: A Jewish Response to Christianity," at:

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