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Christian Freedom International poll:

Christian Freedom International is an agency located in Washington DC. It is an interdenominational, conservative Christian, human rights organization which helps persecuted Christians around the world. Persecuted non-Christians are outside their mandate. 

They commissioned a U.S. national poll to determine public awareness of persecutions of Christians in the world. Results were:

bullet Awareness: 81.4% are somewhat or very aware of persecution of Christians
bullet Lack of awareness: 17.6% are somewhat or very unaware of such persecution
bullet Location of persecution: China was most commonly mentioned for its persecution of its Christian citizens. Less commonly listed were (in order of decreasing numbers of responses): Africa, Russia, Iran, Israel, India, Cuba, Bosnia, Ireland and the Middle East. 26% mentioned countries in the Middle East as the source of most persecution. Only 2% mention countries in North America.
bullet Who should combat persecution? When given a list of groups that might help persecuted Christians, the poll subjects chose:
bullet United Nations: 30.3%
bullet Christians in free countries: 23.8%
bullet Other: 22.0%
bullet International governmental organizations: 10.4%
bullet Not sure: 13.4%
bullet Priority: When asked about the importance that the U.S. President and Congress should assign to persecuted Christians, 13.8% responded that it should be their top priority; 12.6 rated it second priority; 27.4% third, 17.9 fourth and 20.3% fifth. 7.9% were unsure. Independents and Republicans gave religious persecution a higher priority than Democrats.

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Comments on the poll results:

bullet Although most Americans are aware that Christians are being persecuted, few seem to feel a personal responsibility to combat it.
bullet Bosnia is perceived as one of the countries where anti-Christian persecution occurrs. Yet mass crimes against humanity were perpetrated by both Christians and Muslims against each other. In fact, the most serious sustained oppression and genocide appeared to be by Christians who victimized Muslims
bullet Northern Ireland is also seen as a country which oppressed Christians. Yet almost the entire population are either Protestant or Roman Catholic Christians.

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  1. Christian Freedom International's web page is at: 
  2. ReligionToday News Summary for 2000-AUG-30. 

Copyright 2000 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally written: 2000-AUG-31
Latest update: 2000-AUG-31
Author: B.A. Robinson

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