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The Shroud of Turin

Web sites, books, medals, reproductions, etc:

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The following English web sites discuss the shroud:

bullet Religious sites promoting a 1st century origin of the shroud:
bullet Chiesa Cattolica Italiana at:

bullet Collegamento pro Sindone:  Articles from a bimonthly periodical published from 1986 to 2000-DEC, at:

bullet Council for Study of the Shroud of Turin at:

bullet Holy Shroud Guild at:

bullet John Iannone, "The Shroud of Turin," at:

bullet International Centre of Sindonology at:

bullet Jack Kilmon, "The Shroud of Turin," The Glyph, the Journal of The Archaeological Institute of America, San Diego: Vol 1, No. 10 (1997-SEP);
No. 11 (1977-DEC); No. 12 (1998-MAR). Online at:

bullet Gilbert R. Lavoie, "The Shroud of Jesus," at:

bullet The Shroud Center of Colorado, at:

bullet Shroud of Turin Education Project, at:

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bullet Skeptical sites promoting a 14th century origin of the shroud:
bullet Nicholas P L Allen, "Verification of the Nature and Causes of the Photo-negative Images on the Shroud of Lirey-Chambéry-Turin," at:

bullet Robert Carroll, "Shroud of Turin," The Skeptic's Dictionary, at:

bullet P.E. Damon, et al., "Radiocarbon Dating of the Shroud of Turin," Nature, Vol. 337, No. 6208, Pages 611-615, 1989-FEB-16. Online at:

bullet Walter McCrone, The Shroud of Truin: Research at McCrone Research Institute, at: Use "custom search" window to find articles.

bullet Clayton Self, "The Shroud of Turin is a Forgery," at:

bullet Neutral sources:
bullet Main Researches," at:


Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance, at: chr_shro.htm This is the "Shroud" menu on this web site.

bullet Barrie M. Schwortz, "The Shroud of Turin," at:

bullet Unusual sites:
bullet Tom Chase, "The Shroud of Turin, Comet Hale-Bopp, The New Age and Astrology - prophecies of the future, world events and the economy: 'The Truth is Above There' " at:

bullet N.D. Wilson, "Father Brown Fakes the Shroud," Books & Culture, 2005-MAR/APR. This describes the experiment conducted by a non-scientist who attempted to "place an image on linen using such sophisticated tools and glass and sunlight." See:

bullet Shroud of Turin books and other items:
bullet lists over a dozen pages of books on the Shroud. See:

bullet James BeauSeigneur, "The Christ Clone Trilogy," a novel. Described at:

bullet Ebay generally sells Shroud items: reproductions, image print, medals, etc. Go to: and search for "Shroud of Turin"

bullet sells a phenominal variety of Shroud of Turin gifts, including posters, ties, lockets, mugs, watches, coins, T-shirts, placemats, blankets, etc. See:

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Copyright © 2002 to 2015 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally written: 2002-JAN-30
Latest update: 2015-NOV-25
Author: B.A. Robinson
Hyperlinks checked: 2015-NOV-25

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