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Which, if any, is the "true" Christian church?

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How to start a battle among Christian denominations:

Internal battles within Christian faith groups are now being fiercely fought over such divisive topics as equal rights for homosexuals, abortion access, and same-sex marriage. But to start a conflict between denominations, just ask which of the thousands of Christian denominations in the U.S. -- or the tens of thousands of Christian faith groups worldwide -- is the "true" church. Alternately, if none is the true church, which is closest to Jesus' original intent.?

Topics covered in this section:

bullet Introduction: Fragmentation of Christianity from one to thousands of faith groups

bullet Criteria for selecting the "true" church
bullet Using Jesus' statements and how he treated outcasts as a guide
bullet Using Jesus' disciples and church success as guide; Conclusions
bullet The view of an evangelical Christian (an essay William Taylor Sr.)
bullet The beliefs of some Mormons

bullet The current teachings of the Roman Catholic Church

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bullet Which is the "true" religion?

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