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Biblical themes


A range of Christian viewpoints about
the Bible's teaching on various topics

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What the Bible says about:

bullet Abortion
bullet The Afterlife: Heaven, Hell, Sheol, Hades, Gehenna
bullet Anti-semitic / anti-Judaic passages
bullet Baptism
bullet Behavior: the Ten Commandments
bullet Burial at death
bullet Corporal punishment of children
bullet Cosmology: Earth, moon, sun, stars, etc
bullet Creation science vs Evolution
bullet Cremation at death
bullet Death Penalty / Capital Punishment
bullet Demons, (a.k.a. unclean spirits, devils, etc.)
bullet Divorce and remarriage
bullet Divination and other Occultic practices
bullet Evolution vs Creation science
bullet Exorcism
bullet Female ordination
bullet Healing through faith and prayer
bullet Hell
bullet Homosexuality
bullet Homosexual/same-sex marriage
bullet Inspiration by the Holy Spirit of the authors of the Bible
bullet Its own inerrancy
bullet Life after Death: Heaven, Hell, Sheol, Hades, Gehenna
bullet Lord's Prayer 
bullet Marital separation and divorce
bullet Marriage types
bullet Masturbation
bullet Did Jesus forbid masturbation in Matthew 5:28
bullet Nudism/Naturism
bullet Occultic practices, including divination
bullet Ordination of Women as clergy
bullet Other religions
bullet Prophecy 
bullet Prayer in public and alone
bullet Purgatory
bullet Religious Tolerance
bullet Religious Intolerance
bullet Same-sex marriage
bullet Salvation
bullet Sin
bullet Spanking
bullet Slavery
bullet Star of Bethlehem: The Christmas star
bullet Status of Women
bullet Suicide
bullet Ten Commandments
bullet Tongues, speaking in
bullet When the Earth was Created
bullet Wicca/Witchcraft

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Related essays on this web site:

bullet Bible passages that conflict with today's religious & secular moral standards
bullet Harmonizing apparent conflicts and errors in the Bible
bullet Inerrancy: Is the Bible free of error? All points of view.


  1. Fundamentalist Christian beliefs about what the Bible says about different matters is described at Christ Unlimited Ministries at: 
  2. We have never seen a list on the Internet which interprets what the Bible says about many topics from a liberal Christian perspective. This lack gives an excellent opportunity by a liberal Christian to make their denomination's views known.

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