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The cardinal doctrines of Protestants

Links to essays describing cardinal
doctrines. Books describing key doctrines.

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Links to essays in this website that describe key doctrines of Christianity:

This website has essays on most of the topics that are frequently mentioned above as cardinal doctrines:

bullet The Trinity,

bullet Atonement, "...the central tenet of Christianity"

bullet Biblical inerrancy

bullet God's inspiration of the biblical authors

bullet Heaven and Hell

bullet Jesus' bodily resurrection,

bullet Criteria for salvation.

bullet Does Genesis 3 represent the fall or rise of humanity? Original sin


The second coming of Christ and the end of the world as we know it

ETOTWAWKI: The end of the world as we know it, as prophesized by Jesus and Paul:

bullet The virgin birth

To which we would add another belief that appears as a common theme running throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It is almost never mentioned in sermons or books on theology or apologetics because it is considered immoral by so many Christian denominations, other religious, and secular systems of morality:

bullet The transferability of sin and punishment from the guilty to the innocent

We plan to write other essays in the future which deal with the the deity of Jesus, Jesus as God and man, the incarnation, and possession by indwelling spirits.

Books on cardinal Christian beliefs:

Additional books on the website:

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