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Beliefs, creeds, heresies,
history, practices, polls,
relics, statements, trends...

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Topics included in this section include:

bullet Christian history

bullet Beliefs:
bullet Religious interactions with the Coronavirus Pandemic
bullet Cardinal Protestant doctrines: Key foundational beliefs that many Protestant denominations hold, and that most non-Protestants agree with.
bullet Specific beliefs: (Creeds. Public Opinion Polls. Topics including abortion, afterlife, atonement, environment, evolution, homosexuality, salvation, sin, souls, virgin birth, etc)
bullet Systems of beliefs: Arminianism, Calvinism, Christian Identity, end time events, etc.
bullet How religions established, changed, and continue to change their teachings on slavery, the role of women, sexual orientation, etc.
bullet Is compromise possible over the treatment of homosexuals, or are denominational schisms inevitable?
bullet Hoaxes; Christian "urban legends" Really neat stories of events that never happened

bullet Heresies held by evangelical Christians A list prepared by Christianity Today magazine


Three essays donated by Contributing Editor, Susan Humphreys

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bullet Practices: (Eucharist, Marriage, divorce, baptism, religious identification, speaking in tongues, symbols, past support for slavery, etc.)
bullet Meanings and dates of the holy days: (Easter, All Saints Day, Christmas, etc.)

bullet Recent trends and happenings
bullet The Da Vinci Code: A novel

bullet Predictions of Christianity's future

bullet Violence targeting Christians

bullet Ecumenicalism  - the urge to merge

bullet Forces of schism - the urge towards division

bullet Christian Churches Together cooperative effort

bullet The Manhattan Declaration of 2009

bullet Confidence in organized religion

bullet Dramatic and documentary movies involving religious, spiritual and cultural topics -- mostly from a Christian perspective

bullet Relics....or perhaps fakes:
bullet The Shroud of Turin. Is it Jesus' burial shroud?

bullet The bone box of "James." Is it the burial place of Jesus' "brother"?

bullet The Jehoash inscription. Does it verify 2 Kings12?

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Last updated 2017-OCT-19

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