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Y.E.S. stands for "Youth Exposing Satan" and "Youth Experiencing Salvation." They are a group of volunteer youth from Alaska who are disseminating information on "the occult and cult related topics such as: satanism, witchcraft, new age, blood sacrifice, supernatural, music, homosexual. [sic]"  Their essay on Wicca lists a blow-by-blow account of the steps that they think a person goes through in order to be initiated as a Witch. As of 1999-JUL-9, the link to their website appears to be broken. 

Except as noted, all of initiation steps that they list are totally divorced from reality. We can say this with certainty because we have a Wiccan on staff:

bullet The initiate first denies the Christian faith: (Wicca and Christianity are two very different religions. An initiate no more denies belief in Christianity than they would Hinduism, Buddhism or Islam. The concept of denying the Christian faith appears to come directly from Renaissance era Christian propaganda.)
bullet The initiate is rebaptized in the name of the Devil. (This is untrue. Baptism is not one of the Wiccan rituals. The Wiccan pantheon of Goddesses and Gods does not include an all-evil deity. In particular, it does not include the Christian Devil, Satan.)
bullet The initiate receives a new name in place of their given name. (This is partly true; they receive a new Wiccan name to be used during rituals; they still retain their given name for non-ritual purposes. Wiccans may also have a third name for use during solitary work.)
bullet They deny their godparents and are assigned new sponsors. Again, this is untrue. (Wiccan rituals do not involve or mention godparents. However, a new Wiccan may be linked with a teacher within the coven to aid in her/his spiritual development.)
bullet They give a piece of clothing to the Devil as a token of submission: (This is false. Wiccans do not recognize the existence of a Devil; they could hardly worship or otherwise interact with such a deity. Again, this belief comes from church propaganda at the time of the Renaissance.)
bullet While they are within a magick circle, they swear an oath of allegiance to the Devil. (Rituals are indeed performed inside a circle. But, again, Wiccans do not swear an oath to the Devil; he does not exist in their religion.)
bullet The initiate's name is added to the Book of Death. (There is no such book within Wicca.)
bullet The initiate promises to sacrifice children to Satan. (This is a particularly obnoxious piece of hatred. To our knowledge, no Wiccan has been convicted, tried or charged with a ritual murder.)
bullet She/he promises to pay "annual tribute" to the Devil. (There is no annual tribute; Wiccans do not recognize the Devil.)
bullet The initiate is marked with the Devil's mark - a pentagram. (This another piece of ancient Christian propaganda. The church once taught that the Devil made a mark on the skin of his worshipers. This was a blemish that was insensitive to the touch, and symbolized his ownership of the individual. That was not true then and is not true now.)

They conclude that:

bullet There are generational lines of Witchcraft practitioners. (This is true. Sometimes children will adopt the religion of their parents after they become adults. This is true with all religions. Most Hindus have Hindu parents; so too with Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, etc.)
bullet Children are indoctrinated from the age of 2 or 3. (Usually, children are not allowed to be trained in Wicca. One normally has to be at least 18 years of age to be trained by a Coven or experienced Witch.)
bullet Ritual abuse survivors, worldwide, have described "horrifying and grotesque practices that had been done to them on a continuous [sic] bases [sic]." (There have been cases of Christian ritual abuse documented. Dead bodies of victims of exorcisms have been found; perpetrators have been tried in courts. Some cultures engage in various coming-of-age ceremonies which might be considered ritual abuse. Female genital mutilation is one example. However, to our knowledge, ritual abuse by Satanists, Wiccans or Occult group is non-existent.)

Always-present memories of abuse, ritual and otherwise, are usually of real events. However, most memories of ritual abuse survivors that have not always been present appear to be false memories which are either:

bullet implanted in young children's minds by therapists or police
bullet created in adult's minds during recovered memory therapy.)

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  1. Y.E.S. for Christ bills themselves as "a resource for information on waging war on the kingdom of darkness. To know your enemy is important in war." They seem to regard Wicca, Satanism and the Occult as being anti-Christian, rather than un-Christian or neutral with respect to Christianity. See:

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