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This is another equal-opportunity hate site. Webmaster Jon Watkins of Texas City TX cautions each "Satanist, Pagan, Witch, Vampire, Mason, Homosexual, member of the Klu Klux Klan or... weak Christian" to not study his site. This is probably a wise precaution.

Some examples of errors, bigotry and misinformation culled from "Jon's" web site are:

bullet Members of the Masonic orders are instructed to lie in court if they testify on behalf of a fellow Mason.
bullet Pagan or Witchcraft deities are "idiot gods"
bullet Ashtoreth (the moon goddess of the Phoenicians) and Baal (the senior deity of the Canaanites) are worshipped by Neopagans.
bullet "The practices of Paganism derive from those of Wicca."
bullet Christian Gnosticism and Shamanism are forms of Witchcraft.
bullet A Wiccan's "Spirit Guide" instructs them to "bow to satan".
bullet If you worship any deity other than the Christian God, you are in witchcraft. (This presumably includes Buddhists, Hindus and followers of all world religions other than Christianity.)
bullet The Gods or spirits that Wiccans call upon are "demons and satan is there [sic] master."
bullet Most Witches are bisexual or gay or lesbian.
bullet When Wiccans "prance around...bon-fires, do a pendulm [sic] , burn incents [sic], chant a mantra, sacrifice anything, have orgies, cast spell of love or anything else, ...[they] are calling on the powers of satan."
bullet The devil meets with Witches and teaches them at Halloween time.
bullet "Sabbats are midnight assemblies of witches and Sorcerers held to renew their allegiance to the devil through mystic rites and orgies."
bullet Two of the Wiccan Sabbats are the spring and fall solstics [sic].
bullet Occult groups, including Wiccans,  engage in animal sacrifice, human sacrifice, human dismemberment on St. Winebald day (JAN-7), St. Walpurgis Day (FEB-25), and at a festival called "Marriage to Satan" (SEP-7).
bullet Wiccan symbols, such as the pentagram, are used to conjure up evil spirits and demons.
bullet God allows Satan to have control over homosexuals. "If you are Gay or lesbian, you are demonized and need to be freed." Presumably the method of choice would be an exorcism.
bullet The web site lists a number of symptoms that might indicate that a person is involved in the Occult. They include:
bullet an unusual interest in the Bible;
bullet talking backwards;
bullet very long fingernails;
bullet eating raw meat;
bullet an alter [sic] in the basement, room, ect [sic];
bullet cruelty to innocent people or animals.

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Copyright 1998 to 2003 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Latest update: 2003-AUG-18
Author: B.A. Robinson

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