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Sexual abuse by Christian brothers, clergy, etc. in Canada

Pedophilia in Cape Croker, ON.
Books on abuse in residential schools.

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Pedophilia in Cape Croker, ON:

Cape Croker is located near Georgian Bay, 150 miles (190km) northwest of Toronto, Ontario.

According to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

"Father George Epoch was a Jesuit priest who served the native communities on the Saugeen and Cape Croker reserves between 1971 and 1983. He was then transferred to Holy Cross Mission in Wikwemikong where he stayed until his death in 1986. Following accusations of child sexual abuse, the Jesuits began an investigation that revealed a vast framework of paedophilia that was set up by Father Epoch. The Jesuits accepted moral, but not legal, responsibility for these acts and in 1992 the leader of the Ontario Jesuit community presented a public apology on behalf of the Order." 1

Over the next two years, the Jesuits provided about $2 million to victims. They stopped their assistance, after having concluded that few positive results had occurred. A Reconciliation Agreement was then negotiated between the Jesuit Fathers of Upper Canada and some abuse victims. At the conclusion of the program, 97 claims had been made of which 83 were accepted as valid. The agreement provided:

bullet A written apology from the Jesuit Fathers of North America to each validated claimant.

bullet Written apologies which were sent to the Chiefs of the Band Councils at Cape Croker, Saugeen and Wikwemikong, requesting that they be published in Band newsletters. Copies were sent to the main newspapers in these communities.

bullet An individual, called a Recorder, to whom each victim could speak about their abuse.

bullet Compensation to each validated claimant of $25,000.

bullet Funds to upgrade education, obtain vocational training and meet medical and dental needs of up to $4,000.

bullet Funding totaling $500,000 for counseling services.

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Books on abuse and other problems in boarding schools:

bullet John C. Cobb, "Emotional Problems of Indian Students in Boarding Schools and Related Public Schools: Workshop Proceedings, Albuquerque Indian School, 1960 - April 11 to 13." Educational Resources Information Center, Washington, D.C., (1971).

bullet Elizabeth Furniss, "A conspiracy of silence: The care of the Native students at St. Joseph's residential school, Williams Lake B.C.," Williams Lake, BC. Caribou Council, (1991)

bullet Celia Haig-Brown, "Resistance and Renewal: Surviving the Indian Residential School," Tillacum Library, Vancouver BC, (1988).

bullet Darcy Henton, et al., "Boys don't cry : the struggle for justice and healing in Canada's biggest sex abuse scandal," McClelland & Stewart, (1996). This discusses abuse by the Christian Brothers at St. Joseph's Training School and St. John's Training School, in Ontario. Contains a forward by Judge David Cole. Not for the squeamish. Out of print, but may be purchased used at the online bookstore.

bullet J.R. Miller, "Shingwauk's Vision: A History of Native Residential Schools," University of Toronto Press, (1996).

bullet Ruth Teichroeb, "Flowers on my grave: How an Ojibwa boy's death helped break the silence on child abuse," HarperCollins Canada, (1998) The story deals with Lester Desjarlais (1974-1988). Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store  This book discusses sexual abuse in a Native reserve.

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Originally written: 2002-MAR-26
Latest update: 2010-SEP-10
Author: B.A. Robinson

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