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2016-DEC: Part 11: Timeline of
recent environmental concerns:

President-elect Trump's climate
change beliefs. New heads of
federal government departments.
Extinction of eleven species.
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This topic is continued from the previous essay

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2012 to 2016: President-elect Donald Trump expresses his personal beliefs on climate change:

During the election of 2016-NOV-08, the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, obtained over two million more votes that the Republican Candidate, Donald Trump. However, because of the distribution of those votes among the states, and the setup of the Electoral College, Trump became the president-elect.

In the past, he has often denied the existence of climate change:

  • During 2012-NOV, he tweeted a message:

    "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive." 1

He later claimed that he was joking when he said that.

  • During 2014-JAN, he confused weather with climate, and tweeted:

    "NBC News just called it the great freeze — coldest weather in years. Is our country still spending money on the GLOBAL WARMING HOAX?"

  • During 2015-SEP, he commented on CNN’s New Day:

    "I don’t believe in climate change."

  • During 2015-DEC, he told a rally:

    "Obama's talking about all of this with the global warming and ... a lot of it's a hoax. It's a hoax. I mean, it's a money-making industry, okay? It's a hoax, a lot of it." 1

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  • During 2016-JAN, Trump discussed climate change on the Fox & Friends TV program, saying:

    "Well, I think the climate change is just a very, very expensive form of tax. A lot of people are making a lot of money. I know much about climate change. I'd be — received environmental awards. And I often joke that this is done for the benefit of China. Obviously, I joke. But this is done for the benefit of China, because China does not do anything to help climate change. They burn everything you could burn; they couldn't care less. They have very — you know, their standards are nothing. But they — in the meantime, they can undercut us on price. So it's very hard on our business." 1

  • During 2016-MAY, on a major speech on energy policy, Trump advocated reversing:

    "... all the job-destroying Obama executive actions, including the Climate Action Plan."

    He also said that if he becomes president he would:

    "... cancel the Paris Climate Agreement and stop all payments of U.S. tax dollars to U.N. global warming programs. ... President Obama entered the United States into the Paris Climate Accords unilaterally and without the permission of Congress. This agreement gives foreign bureaucrats control over how much energy we use right here in America." 1

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2016-DEC: Scott Pruitt (R) was selected to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

Myron Ebell, who heads the EPA transition team, is a high-profile climate change denier. The team nominated Scott Pruitt as the new head of the EPA. He is both an ally of the fossil fuel industry and a climate change denier. Trump approved the selection. The decision must be ratified by the Senate.

Trump issued a statement, saying:

"For too long, the Environmental Protection Agency has spent taxpayer dollars on an out-of-control anti-energy agenda that has destroyed millions of jobs, while also undermining our incredible farmers and many other businesses and industries at every turn. ... [Pruitt] will reverse this trend and restore the EPA's essential mission of keeping our air and our water clean and safe." 2

Reversing the anti-climate change agenda will, of course, rapidly accellerate climate change -- at least this is what about 97% of all climate reseachers believe.

Patrick Egan and Megan Mullin, writing for the Washington Post, said:

"President-elect Donald Trump has selected the most conservative nominee for this post in a generation. Pruitt is an outspoken critic of the EPA who led legal challenges against some of the agency’s recent initiatives, including efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and to define which streams and wetlands are subject to federal regulation." 3

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2016-DEC: Rick Perry(R) was selected to head the Department of Energy:

President-elect Donald Trump is expected to name Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas to lead the Department of Energy. This is a particularly ironic development because of a memorable gaffe by Perry in 2011. During a national TV broacast when he was running for president, he said that, if elected, he would dismantle three federal departments, including the Commerce and Educational Departments. However, he could not remember the third. It was the Energy Department which he is now expected to lead.

A major part of the Energy Department is the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy which studies clean energy technology.

Former Senator Byron L. Dorgan (D-ND) has led the Senate committee that oversees the Energy Department's budget, he said:

"I think very few people understand that the Energy Department, to a very substantial degree, is dealing with nuclear weapons. And Rick Perry suggested the agency should be abolished. That suggests he thinks it doesn’t have value."

Coral Davenport, writing for the New York Times, said:

"The last two energy secretaries, Ernest J. Moniz of M.I.T. and Steven Chu of Stanford, brought to the office their doctorates in physics, academic credentials and, in Dr. Chu’s case, a Nobel Prize.

Mr. Perry, 66, would bring a different set of credentials. He is the longest-serving governor of Texas — in office from 2000 to 2015 — and before that was the Texas agriculture commissioner. He holds a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Texas A&M University." 4

The transition team sent a 74 point questionnaire to the Energy Department, requesting the names of all of its staff and contractors who had attended climate change policy conferences. Department spokesperson Eben Burnham-Snyder said that the Department had refused to release the names. He issued an email saying that:

"Some of the questions asked left many in our work force unsettled. We are going to respect the professional and scientific integrity and independence of our employees at our labs and across our department. We will not be providing any individual names to the transition team." 4

Leon Wolf, writing for The Blaze, said:

"If one thing has been clear during President-elect Donald Trump’s transition, it’s that he plans to undo a significant portion of President Barack Obama’s regulatory framework regarding climate change. Trump has appointed open climate change skeptics in virtually every position of authority within the federal government whose work touches on climate change..." 5

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2016: CBS News & NOAA publishe articles on species threatened by climate change:

The CBS News website displays a few of the hundreds of species identified as currently under threat of extinction by the climate change specialist group of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Species included are the Ivory Gull, Lemur Ringtail Possum, Ringed Seals, Lungless Frog, Quiver Tree, Golden Bowerbird, Haleakalā silversword plant, Adelie Penguin, Elegant Frog, Lungfish, Polar Bears. 6

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) published an article saying that if, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's reports are true, then the world's average temperature will increase by 2.1 Degrees ºC (3.8 ºF) by the year 2050. NOAA stated:

"These changes could trigger a considerable decline in areas suitable for growing cocoa in Ghana and almost total elimination of ideal growing areas in Ivory Coast, without farmers taking measures to adapt."

Most of the chocolate world's chololate is grown in Ghana and Ivory Coast. Many false news reports were published on the Internet claiming that the Theobroma cacao tree (a.k.a. the "chocolate tree") would be totally extinct by 2050. Some chocaholics panicked. What is more likely is that irrigation systems will be added by farmers, new trees will be planted at higher elevations, and the price of chocolate will increase across the world. 7

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This topic continues in the next essay

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Some more environment/climate change articles that may be of interest to you:

  • Part 1: 2013: Quotes. Background. Bay of Bengal incident. Decline in Canada's arctic ice cover.

  • Part 2: 2013/2014: Canada loses its seasons. 316 North American cities to be under water.

  • Part 3: 2013/2014: Christians, Republicans' & Democrats' beliefs differ. Volcanoes cause pauses in global warming. Americans' views on climate change.

  • Part 4: 2014/2015: How Americans viewed climate change. HFC limits. Groups abandoning ALEC. Paris Conference reaches agreement.

  • Part 5: 2016-FEB to AUG: Climate change concerns: Ocean levels rising. Displacement of animal species. Greenland glacier melting. "Third Pole" glaciers melting.

  • Part 6: 2016-SEP: Flooding on the U.S. East coast. U.S. and China ratify the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. Pres. Obama: trends are "terrifying."

  • Part 7: 2016-SEP: Obama comments on warming (Con't). 31 countries ratify Paris agreement. Trump zigzags on Climate Change.

  • Part 8: 2016-Summer/Fall: Events showing that climate change is adversely affecting life on Earth

  • Part 9: 2016-OCT: Did God send Hurricane Matthew as an anti-LGBT message to humanity? Alternate opinions. Hurricane Matthew re-enters Atlantic Ocean.

  • Part 10: 2016-NOV: U.S. Costal real estate threatened. Rapid temperature rise in the Arctic. Very large poll about climate change.

  • Part 12: 2016-DEC: President-elect Trump's 16 Promised Plans on Energy and the Environment.

  • Part 13: 2017-JAN: 2016 Was The Hottest Year On Record, Ever.

  • Part 14: star 2017-JAN: Recent Climate Change Measurements!

  • Part 15:2017-JAN to APR: Climate Change Debate is Changing. What if All the Earth's Glaciers Melted?

  • Part 16: 2017-JAN to APR: Donald Trump Becomes President. EPA Foe Installed as Head of EPA! Hundreds Die During Flood in Colombia. Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere Reaches New High.

  • Part 17: Studies of the Effects of Sea-level Rise in California between Now and the Year 2100.

  • Part 18: President Trump Decided that the U.S. Will Quit the Paris Agreement. Explosive Reactions to his Plan, nationally and globally.

  • Part 19: More Reactions to the U.S. Withdraw from the Paris Agreement. Record high temperatures in San Francisco and elsewhere.

  • Part 20:2017-AUG/SEP : Group of 20 summit meeting, Hurricane Harvey attacks Texas. Is climate change increasing the severity or frequency of hurricanes?

  • Part 21: 2017-SEP: 2017-SEP: Can government regulations help? U.S. record high temperatures. Did God send Hurricane Harvey to attack TX?. Hurricane Irma attacks Caribbean, FL, SC, GA. Hurricanes Jose & Maria.

  • Part 22: 2017-SEP/OCT: The most expensive recent hurricanes to attack the United States. Does God use Hurricanes to send a message? Conflicts, climate change cause rise in hunger.

  • Part 23: 2017-OCT to 2017-DEC: All UN states have signed the Paris Agreement. Government report contradicts the President. Comment by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

  • Part 24: 2018-JAN to MAY: New temperature records. President signs bill increasing research."Onion's" amusing fake news. Sea levels rising; cities under water. Climate change beliefs as function of age. Proposed Mount Trumpmore project. Volcano in Hawaii. How global warming is affecting California. Animal, Insect, & Bird Ranges Shrink. Nutrients in rice reduced. California Governor's comments.

  • Part 25: 2018-JUN & JUL: During 2018-JUN: A very few encouraging signs. Hurricanes slowing as winds increase. Changes in Antarctic ice and environment. Norway's growing season increased. A new world highest temperature. Future ocean levels.

  • Part 26: 2018-JUL: New York City reports to the UN. Impacts of humans burning up all our fossil energy. WWW.CLIMATECENTRAL.ORG's tools.
    Death Valley, CA, sets new record. Dissapearing wetlands in Louisiana. Climate change affecting Northern lands. Hurricane Florence.

  • Part 27: 2018-AUG & SEP: Dissapearing wetlands in Louisiana. Climate change affecting Northern countries. Hurricane Florence attacks the Carolinas. Pat Robinson's "Shield of Protection" doesn't work.

  • Part 28: 2018-SEP & OCT: Trump Admin. predicts: 7ºF temperature rise by the year 2099. Impact of climate change on women. Green Building Week & commitment. New IPCC report predicts a "Strong Risk of Crisis as early as 2040.

  • Part 29: 2018-OCT & NOV: Southern Baptist Convention downplays IPCC Report. Climate changing Fall season. Ozone layer continues to heal.
    Trump Confuses Weather & Climate.

  • Part 30: 2018-NOV: Hope for people who have no access to clean water. Trump Administration releases National Climate Assessment report. Reactions to the report.

  • Part 31: 2018-DEC: How to lie about climate change. UN head repeats warning. Major report on Arctic climate. Greenhouse gases soar. Can climate scientists be trusted?

  • Part 32: 2019-JAN: Collecting plastic trash from the Pacific Ocean. U.S. Public opinion on the environment. Status of climate change at the start of 2019.

  • Part 33: 2019-JAN-MAR: If Ocean Cleanup fails.... Public opinion on environment. Climate change in early 2019. Sea rise from Antarctic melting. Denmark fights cow flatulence. Disconnect between the EPA and climate scientists. Change is urgent NOW!

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References used:

The following information source was used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlink is not necessarily still active today.

  1. Louis Jacobson, "Yes, Donald Trump did call climate change a Chinese hoax," 2016-JUN-03, Politifact, at:
  2. "Trump picks Scott Pruitt to head Environmental Protection Agency," Oneindia News, 2015-DEC-09, at:
  3. Patrick Egan & Megan Mullin, "Trump has picked the most conservative EPA leader since 1981. This one will face much less resistance," Washington Post, 2016-DEC-13, at:
  4. Coral Davenport, "Rick Perry, Ex-Governor of Texas, Is Trump’s Pick as Energy Secretary," New York Times, 2016-DEC-13, at:
  5. Leon Wolf, "Department of Energy employees defy Trump, refuse to release names of climate scientists," The Blaze, 2016-DEC-14, at:
  6. "11 species threatened by climate change," CBS News, 2016, at:
  7. Michon Scott, "Climate & Chocolate," NOAA, 2016-FEB-10, at:

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Copyright © 2016 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally posted: 2016-DEC-16
Latest update: 2016-DEC-16
Author: B.A. Robinson

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