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About salvation

An eloquent appeal by Bill Morini,
a conservative Christian, for
everyone to come to a saving
faith in Jesus:

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The webmaster of this web site received the following email which Bill Morini sent to all his Facebook friends -- approximately 135 people in total.

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Bill wrote:

If you're reading this, I care about you.  I do.  I genuinely care about all the people on my Facebook Friends list; even those of you I've never met...& even those of you with whom I disagree vehemently on issues of politics, social issues, & faith.

Why am I bringing all of this up?  Last Thursday, I attended the funeral services of a friend of mine, a lady in our church.  Her name was Joni.  She was only 60 years old.  She got up the Saturday morning before, ate breakfast, said goodbye to her family, & headed off to work like she probably did hundreds of times before.  It was a typical day.  At work, that morning, she had a fatal heart attack.  She was a very, very, sweet & caring person.  I actually didn't know her as well as I wish I had.  I talked to her occasionally & when I saw her, she was always very nice, smiling, or laughing.  I'm sure she had her moments, but on the whole, from all accounts (even before she died), she was kind & caring.  

The last time I talked to her, she asked my about my mom.  My mother & father had come to church to witness one of my daughters being baptized & Joni had talked to my mom.  She had planned on making plans to have coffee with my mom, hopefully build a relationship with her, become friends, & maybe have the opportunity to talk to my mom about giving her life to Jesus.  She never got that opportunity, but it meant a lot to me that Joni was thinking about & praying for my mom.

The funeral service was easily one of the most beautiful services I'd attended.  There were lots of people, family & friends, who Joni had touched.  Monte, our pastor, gave a powerful & direct service about how brief life is & can be & that there are no do-overs.  This, he said, & I agree, is what Joni would have wanted the people she knew & cared about that are not saved to hear.  There were lots of personal memories of experiences with Joni shared.  People laughed & cried.  It was what you would want your funeral to be.

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To me, the moment that wrapped it all together was when Joni's daughter, Liza, got up & spoke through tears that the greatest gift her mother had given her was not any specific moment or memory, not any advice, support, or even the loving time they'd spent together.  Liza said the greatest gift her mother had given her was introducing her to Jesus & that through any & all trials, triumphs, & life's walk, she would never be alone & always had the faith her mother had shared with her.  More than anything, this is Joni's legacy.  It effects her children & grandchildren & will generations to come.  Her life will touch people she'll never know until she meets them in eternity.  So cool.  I can only hope to have a legacy like that.

On that note, to clear up any presumptions or perceptions, when I post the things I post about God, Scripture, faith, politics, social issues, or even something I think is funny & witty, it is because I really want to make a difference in people's lives, make them think about things they hadn't, or think in a way they hadn't before.  It is not...really...that I want everyone to think like me.  

I do want everyone to come to a saving faith in Jesus, but not on my terms; on the terms of Jesus & His judgment.  All the way through Scripture, from Genesis through Revelation, God has made it absolutely clear:  Jesus is the only way to Heaven & the only One with the power to forgive & save.  He has also made it clear we are not judged based on our ideas of good & bad, nice & mean, right & wrong.  Whether you like it or not, it is His way or the highway to Hell.  When I post Scripture, articles, videos, or thoughts that convey this message, it is out of genuine concern & a desire that no one I know will go to Hell. Please keep that in mind.  This is my motivation.

When I post about about politics or social issues, it is because I am certain the traditional conservative values & principles of individual liberty, independence, & personal responsibility are the healthiest & most prosperous philosophy for not just me, but for everyone.  So, I plead with people not to be misled into trusting government, encouraging dependence, & rewarding irresponsible behavior.  All I ask is to consider liberty & not to fear freedom. But, if you can't or disagree, then all I ask is for you not to threaten or disregard my religious liberty & independence.  Surely, this is not unreasonable.

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Original posting: 2016-FEB-03
Latest update : 2016-FEB-03
Author: Bill Morini

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