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Part 2: More excerpts from postive & negative
Emails received from visitors to this web site:

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Each negative comment is followed by one positive one, for balance:
bullet The following is clearly a hoax E-mail; funny though. Apparently, they went out by the hundreds to non-Fundamentalist religious web sites. More details:

"Greetings From the Dr. Bob Jones Institute Think Tank."

"As national director of BJI, it is my duty to inform you and/or your organization that a detailed analysis of your positions regarding the Bible, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and in particular your political positions are not compatible with our own. The Dr. Bob Jones Institute stands for strict morality and a totally Christian Theocratic federal government. These of course are the wishes of Jesus."

"Since you or your organization have been tried and found wanting, we must insist that you disband your website immediately and no longer espouse the none sense "we have found there. Since the election of George W. Bush as our 43rd and BORN AGAIN president, and since as you know Mr. Bush did speak at the Bob Jones University and is close friends with Dr. Bob Jones III, BJI hopes you will agree it would be wise for you to obey God's will and to do so promptly."


Michael C. Kelley

bullet "A breath of fresh air indeed. An eye-opening, occasionally laughter-inducing, place."

bullet "your "going to have front row seats in hell. Burn baby burn"

bullet I've enjoyed plowing through the many interesting and highly informative articles on your site and appreciate the refreshingly balanced manner in which the various beliefs and viewpoints therein are presented..."
bullet "I hope that every single one you go to jail and share a prison cell with a 370 bls AIDS riddled ni--a whole f--ks everyone of your filthy child raping ar--s. I'll kill you all, you horrible f--king evil t--ts...!! Angry for life and your new enemy..."

bullet "Great site lots of links and very informative. I loved the colors a lot and the site was layed "out in such a way that it was very easy to navigate around in. All the links to other sites were also very helpful. Worth the look."

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bullet "...You misserible "insignifincant "F--KS! Jesus will asuure "that you rot in internal damnation for the the renmainder [sic]of your souls.  I undeeerstand "that you are nder "educated, under nurished, "and outside of society, but do please get a grip on humanity and all the wonderful things it has to offer and stray away from your sins.  God commends it.

bullet "I just want to say bless you for the service of information which you provide the world. Thanks and I will pray for your continued service."
bullet "Your site is full of lies and it is better to kill yourself than to lead people astray."

bullet "I have found this to be one of the best and most insightful religious Websites I have ever seen, and have mentioned it to friends looking for objective views on religious matters. Keep up the good work!"
bullet "you f--king quacks.! if i ever see any of you in my town i will kick your ass and rip out yopur testicles or ovaries...stop preying on inocent "people and shape up,, get a hair cut and get a 9 to 5 job. you indeed are the devil to these people so s--k my c--k minister bob and nun mildred!" [There is nobody here by the name of Bob or Mildred].

bullet "i just want to say that i find you site to be one of the best, and i mean BEST, on the show no lean in any direction, you just tell the truth...i am impressed."
bullet "Listen a-s wipe; God never, or his people, had their own people put to death! Only Devil Possessed fags like you, or whores, or dope dealers, and idol worship, were killed, so God could keep the tribe of Judah clean. If you don't like it, then bitch to God, he is the one who had his holy men write it down."

bullet "Just a note to thank you (the organization) for putting together such an informative, useful website...You're doing a great job. I do hope the rest of the public appreciates the work."
bullet "i feel that people like you should be sent to prison and raped by [racist reference deleted] inmates it would serve idiots like you right and you claim you are right. people like you shgould "roast in hell."

bullet "Your site is a terrific resource not only for religious questions, but also for ethical/moral dilemmas."

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bullet"Its obvious to see that your line of thinking comes from years of fine tune inbreeding amongst your stupid a-s race. Actually, fu--ing your grandmothers and p---y stinking fat sister made you just a tad bit smarter then your kind normally is u sick a-s f--ks."

bullet "...I must express my appreciation for you creating this website.... I also congratulate you for your bravery in this given the degree of hatred expressed by the religious bigots who seem incapable of coherent thought."
bullet"I think your website is nothing but trash, written by ignorant trailor "park trash who are inbred. Talk about an abomination!!! You people are cowards who hide behind your white hoods. You won't burn in hell, hell is too good for you!!!"

bullet "...please accept my praise for your ongoing efforts towards enlightening society about religion in an objective and thorough manner. Keep up the good work!"
bullet"Oh yeay [sic]...F--K YOU! God does not love you!"

bullet "i took time to read your site.. and all i want to say.. is i read your site.. a lot of it.. i like it.. it opened my eyes to the truth.."
bullet"I don't give a s--t aqbout your pass the buck excuses about not responding to complaint emails, just F--N WAKE UP and smell the coffee, do your research before passing judgment."

bullet "I saw your e-mail page and was really surprised. So many Fundamentalists bashing you. I don't understand why. I see their views along with others and you aren't biased at all. I see this site as an immensely valuable source for everyone."

"Your site is in error, because if you claim to be a Christian based web site then you shouldn't use pagan sponsors. If you are not a Christian based web site then you are in error for thinking that any Christians would believe a word you say."

[Actually we are an inter-faith web site run by a team who follow five different religions.

We found this Email the most disturbing of any that we have received. It implies that Christians should totally reject all material written by non-Christians. No culture can survive with that degree of mistrust of others.]


"Thank you so much for all you do.  For all the trouble it must be, and all of the abuse you probably get from those too afraid to ask questions, it is important that you know how much what you have created is appreciated."
bullet"You have got to be joking, your site is an abomination, may God have mercy on you!!!!"

bullet "Your site inspires hope to many people who have lost faith in humanity. Sure, racism, sexism, homophobia (etc.) are all alive and doing well today, but there all caused by the most powerful force in the world, IGNORANCE, your site educates people, and even if you might get tons of abuse for it, you're all doing the right thing...".

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