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Part 4: More excerpts from postive & negative
Emails received from visitors to this web site:

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  • "Ur [sic] nothing but a..holes, so don't think you're an informative group, u [sic] are the opposite...a group which conveys only their opinions, and not fact."

    • "Two words-- Thought Provoking!!!!!!"

  • "You are the error....What a fitting color for your web page..yellow!!!!!!!!!!!"

    • "It is refreshing to see positive and accurate information from a spiritually neutral group such as yourselves on the net.

  • "Incredibly superficial stance (non-stance?) you're taking."

    • "As a Wiccan minister stuck in the crotch of the Bible belt, this information is worth its weight in gold."

  • ".. find your statements of "We Do" and "We Don't" to be totally falso [sic] and misleading."

    • "Thank you for this precious gift to all of us who want to clarify their spiritual lives."

  • "This hypocracy [sic] at its worst!"

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  • "You have a beautiful site - the amount of information is staggering, and it is very well written."

  • "Your Web page is dangerous" [This is probably correct; it can change people's beliefs. And there is nothing more dangerous than that.]

    • "Wow, your site is great."

  • "You are a complete a..hole, and you do not deserve to exist this side of a prison cell."

    • hi just like to say your site rocks and is a blessing for all the religion eliterate [sic] people out there.

  • "YOU BAS--RDS- have made it hard for all whites to live as a result of `YOUR FU--IN HOLIERTHANTHOU' beliefs!! ican't walk anywhere and where there are blacks jew or arabs or any so called inferior race without feeling shame for my white race and who i am because the shoe is on the other foot because of YOU!!!!!! AND WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!!!!!! thanks for the legacy MOTHERFU--ERS."

    • "Your presentation of supported facts is excellent.  You do a great service to the thinking members of the population and truly emulate your namesake of religious tolerance.

  • "Dont stick up for your s--tty God!  Dont drown in your own s--t and p--s."
    •  "Cool."

  • "F... off ! A..holes!"
    • "I love your site. It is excellent and thorough and wonderful."

  • "Your pompous claims of neutrality would be comical if not so outrageous."

    • "I'm incredibly impressed with both the breadth and depth of your site."

  • "Your whole web site is in error as God himself sets the rules of how to believe in Him and how to worship Him not any religion or man."

    • "Your website is very well done!!!!"

  • "Every disabled child I have served was worth a multitude of people of your ilk."

    • "Information is hard to come by these days, but you definitely provide information in it's true sense."

  • "...your web site is full of lies from the pit of hell...Religious tolerance? How about religious ignorance?"

    • "I um er preetcher inn the Manchista airea ov inglund und aye hav injoyd visitin yor web sight."

  • "I knew it.....you guys are a bunch of scientologist f--kwads. rot in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" [Two of us have actually walked past a building containing a Scientology office; but that is the closest that we have ever gotten to involvement in that religion.]

    • "I write to give you a very sincere thanks for the respectful and informed way in which you refer to my religion."

  • "...i really dont think you people need to be discussing our beliefs when your own religion has so many holes in it that i can see right through it. Now then if you fascist pigs want to publish this on the net thats fine with me but at least get your s--t right." [It is unclear to us to which two religions the visitor is referring.]

    • "I find your sight very insightful, and it is a great place to look if someone questions your religion or compares your religion with others."

  • "YOU PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS. VERY WEAK AND VERY AFRAID." [We suspect that if the sender of this Email received as many hate letters, and the occasional death threat, as we do, they would be afraid also.]

    • "...the...website...is exceptionally good. Won all sorts of awards, and is amazingly informative and lucid. No axe to grind. Reasonably objective with superb communication skills. Tries to give all religions equal treatment, and generally succeeds"

  • "...it makes me want to puke!...You are no less than a web site designed with a bot, or automatic response system.  You are evil..."

    • "Thank you for the web site that you've created. There is so much anger, self righteousness expressed 'in the name of God, my religion, my belief.' I am saddened by the responses that you received by 'apparent Christians' which continues to reaffirm to me, why I'm Wiccan. Your web site is a blessing for those who aren't intimidated or afraid to look for the truth. Thank you !!!"

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  • "F--k off"

    • "...your website is absolutely awesome... i feel that it has given me more information about religions than i have ever dreamed of knowing.. it has also helped me find a belief system that i can incorporate with my life."

  • "What a sick website against beautiful Bible following christians. Your reward is just ahead with the father of all wickedness."

    • I would like to send my sincerest compliments in regards to your well informed and well structured portrayal of all religions."

  • "your still going to have front row seats in hell. Burn baby burn"
    • "I have been visiting the ReligiousTolerance.org site for years now and regularly recommend it to people. ...you are doing so much good for so many people.  Your site is one that I see linked frequently as I surf around the net."


    • "Your site is an excellent resource on all of the diverse religious groups; it is the best such site in the entire Internet, and without the bias of most such sites...Keep up the good work."

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