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Part 5: More excerpts from postive & negative
Emails received from visitors to this web site:

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  • "YOUR SO FULL OF BS ITS PITHETIC~~ WE DONT WANT YOUR AND YOUR BS QUEERS OR ANTHEISTIC CRAP! YOUR THE PROBLEM NOT THE CURE! NICE TRY! [We assume that "BS" refers to something like bullsPit, and not to "Beneficial Subjects."]

    • "Your site is an excellent resource on all of the diverse religious groups; it is the best such site in the entire Internet, and without the bias of most such sites...Keep up the good work."

  • None of you would want to meet me. You would suffer. Love and wisdom is stronger then any igorance.

    • "...thank you for such a helpful and thorough website. It has helped me a great deal in my search to find a spiritual path that aligns with my interests and beliefs."

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  • "People like you will certainly die in your sins for you to not beleive the Word Of God....Listen your as sure headed for hell as the sun shines and if God the Holy Ghost dosnt wake you up then you sleep on till you wake up in hell."

    • Its so hard now a days to find a religious website that isn't biased in some sense or another. I have found the site I was looking for in yours!

  • "I think you three nut cases are very crazy and live in a delutional [sic] world. Do you really think people are intrested [sic] in you [sic] crazy essays if thats [sic] what you choose to call them and I sincerly [sic] doubt that you are a registared [sic] nurse!!!!" [One of our staff is a registered nurse, listed with the College of Nurses of Ontario]

    • "You have a beautiful web site. Congratulations on that and the wonderful work you do for others."

  • "...so clean up this rotting magot infested website an come clean too the one an only LORD GOD the one who has casted an bound your magot infested satan in hell for eternity." [7 spelling errors uncorrected] 

    • "...thank you so much for being so bloody honest! Its about time!! The biggest evil (for want of a better word) in this world is not the Witch, the Jew, The Christian, The Hindu etc. It's IGNORANCE. Please, let's...learn before we judge!

  • "hello bye ya fu--in moron..."

    • "What a fantastic site! It's good to know there are people out there who can look a different beliefs without the hysteria and bigotry so common today."

  • "It's fools like yourselves who do the worst thing; lie to people and tell them what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear..."

    • "While I might argue with some of the logic behind your conclusions...you obviously present accurate facts in a determindly objective manner. I look forward to returning, perusing and learning more about both my own faith...and the faith of others."

  • "hello i think you all are certified fools and all of u are smoking something and are pure white trash."

    • "Your site is a pillar as far as I'm concerned! (Pillar: as in keeping the roof up)  Keep doing the right thing, you're doing a fine job."

  • You are sick, evil people. I hope whoever sent Slepian to hell knows your whereabouts. Good thing you don't publish your phone number, etc. Keep your head down!

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  • "I felt you deserved a thank you for a job well done. May you continue to enlighten and bring hope to other people."

  • "Your site is in great error.  I have found your site to be so bias [sic] and liberal that I feel sick to my stomach...Get your facts straight. Please seriously consider your souls and conscience.  You will answer for your Sins in this life or when your dead and its to late."

    • "I am taking Bible college course on cults and this site has been of great use. Please keep it going as i have learned a lot..."

  • "your site blows...you religous f--ks need to all f--k off AND KILL YOURSELVES FOR THE GREATER GOOD. DIE DIE DIE.

    • "...your site is one of the best on the Web. You guys do a lot of research, and are really dedicated to objectively representing every point of view. Your site's also really informative. It's helped me to combat a lot of bad ideas relating to religion."

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More comments will be recorded here as they arrive in our email inbox.

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