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Comparing and contrasting Christianity and Islam

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Discussion guide:

Book coverSojourners has produced "Christaians and Islam: Discussion Guide." It leads:

"... users through a study of the important stories of shared history, theological similarities and differences, and aspirations for social justice that both Christians and Muslims share as communities of faith. Religious differences provide fertile ground for animosity and misunderstanding. Yet as Christians, we are called to work for truth and reconciliation. Over the years, both Muslims and Christians have dealt with extremists who distort the character of true belief. Significant, intelligent dialogue and the development of authentic friendships across religious lines are key to deepening our mutual faith."

The book can be downloaded from the Soujourners web site at:

It is in PDF format and can be read on an Acrobat reader that is available at no cost from:

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A search of the book data base concerning Christianity and Islam revealed:

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Some books on Christianity and Islam that are highly rated by Amazon customers:

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Useful sources of information on the web:

bullet "The Wisdom Fund" views their purpose as promoting the truth about Islam. See:

bullet "Death of Jesus in Qur'an 'reasonable and valid," Light & Islamic Review, Vol. 70 #3, 1993-MAY/JUN, Pages 9 & 10. See:


Arif Shamim Khan, "Muslim woman and non-Muslim man," at:


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