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Transgender individuals and Transsexuals

Pastor warns God will allow attacks on
U.S.; cites reaction to NC anti-LGBT law.

Conflict between a Transgender teacher
and a Catholic School board in Canada.

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2016-MAY-03: Pastor Anne Graham Lotz warns of God's retaliation:

Pastor and evangelist Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of Billy Graham, was interviewed on radio program: Janet Mefferd Today. The program is nationally syndicated and heard on over 150 outlets in the U.S. Pastor Lotz asserted that God is sending "wake-up calls" to the U.S. because people have turned away from God and have failed to stop things like the advancement of LGBT equality in the U.S. She gave the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels, and San Bernardino, CA as examples of wakeup calls. She is widely quoted as including the 2001 terrorist "911" attack on New York and Washington in the list. She discussed widespread negative reactions to North Carolina’s anti-LGBT bill HB2, referring to them as "evidence of rebellion in the human heart against God." 1

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2016-MAY-04: The teacher/school board conflict:

Jan Buterman was identified as female at birth and is transgender.

portrait of Jan Buterman

According to the online petitioning web site,, During 2008, Jan was fired as a teacher by the Greater St. Albert Roman Catholic School Board in Saskatchewan, Canada, allegedly because he is a transgender person with a male gender identity. 2

The Roman Catholic Church has taken a dim view of transgender people. Like most conservative Christian denominations, they view everyone as having a fixed gender which is defined at birth.

He has tried to regain his teaching position through the courts. The school board has allegedly spent over $376,000 in Canadian funds to fight his case. This amount is eqivalent to about $292,000 in U.S. dollars. Since Catholic School Boards are fully funded by governments in Canada, this money came directly from taxpayers.

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According to the online petitioning web site, on 2016-MAY-04, Brandon Pilkington started a petition to reinstate Jan as a teacher. By the next morning, it had collected 9,029 supporters.

Brandon wrote:

"The 376 thousand dollars of taxpayer money the greater St. Albert school board had spent, has been on legal fees trying to win their right to discriminate against teachers due to their gender identity. Even though that decision is directly against the Alberta Teachers Association's declaration of rights and responsibilities for teachers, which I will now take a quote from:

'Teachers have the right to be protected against discrimination on the basis of prejudice as to race, religious beliefs, colour, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical characteristics, disability, marital status, family status, age, ancestry, place of origin, place of residence, socioeconomic background or linguistic background and have the responsibility to refrain from practicing these forms of discrimination in their professional duties.'

Note, that it clearly states gender identity.

So, if you believe in Transgender rights, that gross amounts of taxpayer money should not be used to prevent these rights, and that a school board can not bully their way to having the rules not apply whenever they wish them not too, please sign.

Thank you to Progress Alberta for bringing the issue to my attention in the first place. Their article posted on May 2 3 is where these facts are from."

This petition will be delivered to: David Eggen, the Minister of Education for Alberta, Marie Renaud, St. Albert MLA (Member of the Legislature) for St. Albert, and the Greater St. Albert Catholic School Board.

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The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

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Author: B.A. Robinson

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