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bullet In an essay on the Goth culture, we included a link to the Go Goth! web site which bills itself as "promoting Gothing lifestyles since the late 20th century." Apparently, this site is only masquerading as a Goth site. It is not written by Goths. We deleted the link.

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bullet We described the contents of the Sikh holiest religious text, the Shri Guru Granth, incorrectly. It was not composed by the tenth guru and does not include all of the writings of the first ten gurus. It was initially compiled by the fifth guru, Shri Arjan Dev Ji. Subsequently, it was updated to include the writings of the sixth to ninth gurus. The tenth guru, Gobind Singh Ji assembled his writings separately into a number of books, including "Dasam Granth."
bullet Our description of various competing end-time beliefs misrepresented the Roman Catholic position. Although they largely agree with the Protestant Amillennial position, they rarely use that term in practice. Also, they do not accept the concept of the Rapture which has traditionally been part of the Protestant Premillennial position.

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bullet Our essay on religious liberals' views on the virgin birth of Jesus originally said that Krishna -- the second person in the Hindu Trinity and an incarnation of the God Vishnu -- was conceived and born while his mother was still a virgin. This is only one part of the story. There exists a second legend in existence which states that Krishna was conceived as a result of normal sexual intercourse between his mother and father.
bullet Our essay on laws recently passed in California concerning sexual minorities contained a description of a law to prohibit discrimination against transgender persons. As originally written, the word "transgender" was accidentally replaced by "transvestite." This has been corrected. A transgender person is a genetic male who perceives himself to be a female, or vice-versa. A transvestite is typically a heterosexual male who enjoys using clothing and makeup to appear to be a woman. These two terms are often confused in the media and by the public. We are saddened that we contributed to that confusion.

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bullet Our essay on Messianic Judaism copied some spelling errors from an external information source. Paul should be referred to as Sha'ul; John as Yochanan; the Hebrew Scriptures as the Tenakh or Tanakh.
bullet In our essay on Agnosticism, we described Charles Darwin as a biologist. Actually, his only academic training was at Christ's College in Cambridge, England. He was a self-taught geologist.

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bullet Our timeline of Jewish persecution from 70 CE to 1200 CE contained an error. Judaism lost its official status in the Roman Empire in 132 CE, not 113 CE.

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bullet Our main menu on stem cell research contained an error. We had copied information from the media that stated that Nancy Reagan and her family was mounting a campaign to encourage President Bush to relax his restrictions on stem-cell research. It turns out that the media did not report that Michael Reagan believes that the president made the correct decision.
bullet Our essay on religious intolerance in Canada contained an error. We said that parents in Newfoundland who were not Christians were forced to send their children to one of the public school systems, all of which were run by Christian denominations. It seems that there was one option available to some non-Christians: they could send their children to a secular private school in St John's.

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bullet Our essay on end-of-the-world predictions in our future contained an error. It stated that Michael Drosnin's new book Bible Code II predicted that the end will come in 2004. In fact, he predicts it will happen in 2006.

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bullet Our essay on the eight marriage/family styles in the Bible said that female slaves in Israel were enslaved forever, whereas male slaves remained pieces of property for a limited time. Actually, the permanent enslavement only referred to women who had been sold into slavery by their fathers. Women who were enslaved by a different method were eventually released as were male slaves.
bullet Our essay on the "Scandal of the Century" -- a Satanic Ritual Abuse hoax in Western Canada -- incorrectly located the event in Red Deer. Actually, that was where some of the accused were arrested. The abuse -- which turned out to be non-existent -- was believed to have happened in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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bullet In our essay on "religion-inspired conflicts and genocides" we intended to write "Kosovo" -- but accidentally listed "Indonesia" -- as an example of mass murder of Muslims by Christians. East Timor in Indonesia was the location of massive killing of Christians by Muslims.
bullet In our essay on the Community of Christ, we said that, in the 1970s, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints asserted that they were the original Mormon church, and unsuccessfully sued the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The data should have been 1870s.

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bullet In our essay on the Disney Company boycott by conservative Christians, we stated that Disney's first theme part was Disney World. Actually, it was Disneyland.
bullet We define the concept of apostolic succession in many places of our web site. It is the belief that present-day Roman Catholic bishops can trace their consecration back through previous generations of bishops all the way to Jesus' original apostles in an unbroken line.  Our essay which compares the beliefs of Roman Catholics and conservative Protestants, was in error; it stated that all of the bishops can trace their consecration back to St. Peter.

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Latest update: 2004-DEC-25
Author: B.A. Robinson

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