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Errors found during 2005

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bullet None found by us or reported by others. We enter the year with about 2,700 essays and menus online.

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bullet In our essay "Christian seasonal days of celebration" we mentioned that Advent lasts about 40 days. Actually, it begins on Advent Sunday which is the Sunday closest to NOV-30, and lasts until Christmas. It can thus be only about 24 days in length.
bullet In our essay "about homophobia" we have a chart which compares very conservative and very liberal viewpoints on the nature of homosexuality. It suggested that conservatives believe that some young people are "recruited" into homosexuality. Actually, "molested" is a more accurate term here. Many conservatives consider homosexual feelings as well as acts to be sinful. Also, conservatives are not generally opposed to homosexuals having certain human rights -- such as the right to vote, own property, attend school, etc. Their opposition is more in the area of recognizing same-sex relationships. We modified the chart accordingly.
bullet Our essay on homosexual milestones in the media for the year 2000 until now incorrectly reported the development that two teenage characters on the Desperate Housewives TV show were revealed to be gay. We mixed up the names.

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bullet In our essay on the causes of homosexuality, we quoted Archbishop Desmond Tutu's comment that  "Someone has said that if this sexual orientation were indeed a matter of personal choice, the homosexual persons must be the craziest coots around to choose a way of life that exposes them to so much hostility, discrimination, loss, and suffering." Unfortunately, we used the wrong first name for Archbishop Tutu; we called him by the name of a famous boxer.

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bullet A visitor to our web site, who has far more knowledge of statistics than any of our group, pointed out that our calculation of margin of error in a study of assessing God's will is invalid. This study evaluated the beliefs of about 85 self-selected visitors to our web site, who attempted to use prayer to assess God's will on same-sex marriage (SSM). Although they entered the study with a variety of beliefs on SSM, they all found that God agreed with their assessment. We should not have calculated a margin of error in this study because the subjects were self-selected, and not picked at random. 
bullet In our essay "End of the world predictions: Secular predictions vs Christian Prophecy" we incorrectly listed the data of the destruction of the Jerusalem temple as 30 CE. It was really 70 CE. 30 was the approximate date of Jesus' execution by the Roman occupying army -- give or take a few years.
bullet In our essay on the Burning Times, there was a reference to Thomas of Brabant having written a book called Formicarius. This is apparently an error. He is quoted in many information sources as the author. However, the actual writer appears to have been Johannes (John) Nider.

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bullet In our essay "Names of the Holy Land," we incorrectly translated Eretz Israeal as "greater Israel." It should have been translated "Land of Israel."
bullet In our essay on the religion of Santeria, we incorrectly defined Macumba as a synonym for Santeria. In fact, it is a separate religion which is popular in Brazil. Both Macumba and Santeria have their roots in West African Aboriginal religions. However, they evolved separately.

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bullet Our essay on "The Gospel of Q," describe the common liberal Christian belief that the authors of the gospels of Matthew and Luke had copied material from the Gospel of Q. Our essay had implied that this would conflict with the conservative Christian belief in the inerrancy of the Bible. Not so. The concept of inerrancy simply means that the autograph copies of the books of the Bible are without error. It would not matter one iota where the material came from. The belief in inerrancy implies that the Holy Spirit would have prevented any invalid material from entering the canonic gospels.

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bullet Our essay on the debate in Redlands CA over the separation of church and state referred to the object of the conflict as the city seal. It is often referred to as a seal. For example a group who wishes to retain the Christian cross in the symbol goes by the name  "Committee to save Redlands' Seal." However, it is really a logo, not a seal.

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bullet Our essay on the definition of the word "Christian," as used by Roman Catholics, was in error concerning its description of Purgatory. It said that people suffer the pains of Purgatory until they are cleansed of their sin. Actually, it is only the temporal consequences of their sin for which people experience the anguish of Purgatory.

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bullet On this web site, we had originally interpreted the term "Abramic religions" to include only Judaism, Christianity, Islam. This is a commonly used definition. However, Wikipedia states: "What constitutes an Abrahamic religion can be controversial, as this is not a standardized classification, and the terminology is often used to imply continuity between divergent faiths, in a way that is offensive to some adherents of those faiths." 5 Sometimes, authors include additional faith groups such as the Baha'is, Druze, Falashas, Karaits, Mandaeans, Rastafarians, Samaritans, etc. We tracked down the 43 essays and menus where we had used the term and reworked the text to make it more inclusive.
bullet We described a seasonal celebration called "Satanic revels" which were alleged to be observed by members of the Church of Satan. It appears that these have no grounding in reality, even though they are widely believed to exist.

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bullet In our essay on the history of the Christmas Tree, we had written that ancient Roman Pagans cut down evergreens, brought them into their homes and decorated them. It seems that this is a common but incorrect belief found throughout the literature and Internet. In reality, Pagans only cut boughs and decorated them. To kill a tree would have been disrespectful of nature.
bullet A second error crept in to the same essay. It referred to the Druids decorating trees in honor of their God Woden. In reality, it was the Germanic people, not the Druids.

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Reference used:

  1. "Abrahamic religion," Wikipedia, at:

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Latest update: 2007-MAY-26
Author: B.A. Robinson

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