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Correction of errors on this web site

Errors found during 2008

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By the end of 2007, our web site contained over 4,200 essays and menus. During 2008, we ran across the following errors:

bulletThe Black Death: In one of our essays on Christian persecution of Jews, we stated that the Black Death epidemic in Europe started in 1347 CE and was spread throughout the Mediterranean by shipping from the Far East. This is impossible since shipping from the Far East to Europe did not start until the 16th century.

The disease did start in the Far East. Mongol invaders brought it to Kaffa in the Crimea (modern-day Fedodosiya). Defenders of the city later escaped from the city and spread the disease throughout Mediterranean ports. 1
bulletKrishna: In our essay that compares Jesus with Krishna, we cited an incorrect chapter in Mark. The correct citation is Mark 5:44.
bulletQuotation error: David W. Odell-Scott, Professor & Chair of the Philosophy Department and Coordinator of the Religion Studies Program at Kent State University Emailed us, stating that a quotation attributed to him in our essay on religious tolerance is incorrect. Your quote originally read: "To simply be tolerant doesn't feel too good. People should have a deep sense of appreciation of people different from them." What he actually said was: "We value tolerance as a virtue. Yet, consider tolerance from the perspective of the person being tolerated. Have you ever been tolerated? Or had someone say to you that they can just barely tolerate you? The experience of being tolerated by another doesn't feel like the one tolerating you is virtuous." We have corrected the error, but remain puzzled about from where the original quotation came.
bulletName misspelling: In our essay on the meaning of the word "homophobia" we misspelled the creator of the word: psychologist George Weinberg.
bulletWrong definition: In our essay on the reasons why members of the LDS Church leave the Mormon faith we incorrectly defined the term "dry Mormon." The expression means a person who follows the teachings of the church, but who has never been baptized.
bulletWrong wife: In one of our essays on marriage styles in the Bible, we accidentally misspelled the name of Rachel, the wife of Jacob.
bulletWrong profession: In our history of Santa, we identified Clement Clarke Moore, the alleged author of "The Night before Christmas," as a dentist. In reality, he was an academic at Columbia.

We ended the year with 4,541 essays.

Reference used:

  1. "The Black Death: Scourge of Medieval Europe," Awake! magazine, 2000-FEB-08, at: http://www.watchtower.org/

Latest update: 2008-DEC-28
Author: B.A. Robinson

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