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Correction of errors on this web site

Errors found during 2009

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At the start of 2009, our web site contained 4,541 essays and menus.

During 2009, we ran across the following errors:

bulletDefining homosexuality and sexual orientation: It is a source of great embarrassment to us that we interchanged the definition of homosexual orientation and heterosexual orientation in one of our essays. A visitor to our website caught the error and Emailed us. We really appreciate their effort.
bulletIn our essays on the United Church of Canada and homosexuality and on "Conflicts concerning homosexuality with Christianity, we misspelled the name of the Community of Concern -- a conservative reform group within the United Church.
bulletWe incorrectly identified the Evangelical Friends International association of yearly meetings as the conservative wing of the Quaker movement in the U.S. In fact, there is no association of conservative yearly meetings. There are, however, three independent conservative yearly meetings in Iowa, North Carolina and Ohio.
bulletWe quoted an information source that we thought was accurate. It said that only Orthodox Jews could be married in Israel. In reality, there are a number of authorities in the countries controlling marriage: for Orthodox Jews, Christians, Muslims and Druze. However:
bulletCouples in which the two spouses follow different religions, and
bulletSecular couples who want a civil -- non-religious-- marriage, and
bulletCouples of other religions are out of luck.

They generally go to a place like Cyprus, get married there, and then return to Israel to register their marriage. See our essay on religious intolerance in Israel

bulletWe briefly mentioned that the country of Sri Lanka recognizes Tibetan Buddhism as occupying the foremost place" among its religions. This is the wrong Buddhist tradition. Theravada Buddhism is the dominant tradition in the country.
bulletWe attributed the definition of "Consubstantiation" in our glossary to Martin Luther. Although this is commonly believed to be true and is found in many dictionaries, it is false.
bulletWe accidentally interchanged the titles of two Vatican documents in some essays on emergency contraception. The Vatican issued a document in 1965 called "Dignitatis Personae" that deals with religious freedom. They issued an unrelated document in 2008 called "Dignitas Personae" that deals with bioethics.
bulletWe accidentally grouped Unitarians in Canada, who have been active in the environmental movement, with Unitarians outside of North America who have been relatively inactive. We added material that describes various activities of Unitarians in Canada.

At the end of 2009, our website contained 5,124 essays.

Latest update: 2009-DEC-13
Author: B.A. Robinson

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