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An essay donated by Contributing Editor Susan Humphreys:

"They Are Out to Change/Destroy Our Culture!"

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In an online chat, a contributor claimed that evangelical Christians and other conservatives are worried that "we" -- as in liberals, progressives, Democrats, Atheists, Agnostics, Immigrants, etc. -- are out to change their culture. Another posting modified this to say that the goal is to: "destroy their culture."

I thought well YES we are promoting change! No reason to deny it. We want to change the culture, the values, and the nature of U.S. society.

We want to change this society from one that is fearful and intolerant of the "other" -- the one/s that is/are different, the one/s that aren't just like us -- to a culture that embraces and celebrates diversity.

We want to change this society from one that has double standards, one set for "us" the chosen ones, the elite, the saved, to one that has the same standards for everyone.

We want to change this society from one that disdains the findings of science and historical research and discoveries, and is fearful of knowledge and higher education, to one that thirsts for knowledge and understanding.

We want to change this society from one that embraces lies to one that seeks "truth" even if it makes some people uncomfortable.

The Devil is known as the "Prince of Lies" and as "The Great Deceiver." Nothing is more deceptive in my mind then convincing yourself and others that you/they are following God's word and doing his bidding when you aren't, when you have sold out to a Master of Deception.

We want to change this society from one that is fearful of change to one that realizes that our culture, its alues and its nature must grow, mature, and change as we learn more about the world and how it works, about people and how they work, and about societies and how they work.

Many in our society believe that religious freedom means the religious freedom to discriminate against those that reject their beliefs. But others promote a society that realizes that freedom lasts only as long as we are willing to grant the same rights and privileges to all others — to the homosexual, the person undergoing a gender identity change, the immigrant, the poor, the person of a different religious faith or with no religious faith….

We want to change this society to one that believes that "We The People" in our Declaration of Independence really means "We", as in all the people, not just the wealthy or elite, or the people that belong to the "right" church. "We means "WE," not some.

We want to change this society to one that attempts to live up to its higher ideals not descend to the lowest.

Elizabeth Warren said recently in regards to the policy to separate immigrant children from their families "We are better than that."

We want to change this society to one that really believes that we can be better; we can become better people; we can have higher values; we can live up to the better side of our nature; we really can "Make America Great Again."

IF, that is, we can change the culture, the values, the nature of those that are damaging/destroying/tarnishing making a mockery of our country with their fear, hate, lies and intolerance of the "other"-- all of those that aren't just like them.

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Original posting: 2018-AUG-30
Author: Contributing Editor Susan Humphreys

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