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These are programs that use various techniques to limit an Internet surfer's access to certain web sites. Sometimes, the programs are installed in the surfer's computers. In other cases, it resides in a remote computer.

The censorship may be done on the basis of a list of banned sites, or by analyzing the text of each site at the time it is loaded into a browser.

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Topics Covered:

bullet Internet censorship software:
bullet Cyber Patrol ™ Filtering Software
bullet Sites Blocked by Cyber Patrol
bullet CYBERsitter ™ Filtering Software
bullet Bess Filtering Services
bullet CleanNet ™
bullet McAfee Office (Guard Dog)
bullet American Family Association
bullet A sampling of censorship activity in various locations:
bullet Activity in Kern County, CA
bullet Activity in Prince William County, VA
bullet Activity in Loudoun County, VA
bullet Activity in Nashua, NH
bullet Other court activity
bullet Other topics:
bullet Double standard used?
bullet Is Your Favorite Site Banned?
bullet Our Opinions

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Author: B.A. Robinson

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