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Declaration of religious support
for same-sex unions

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The following declaration was created in 1998 by the Progressive Religious Alliance, a multi-faith group centered in Los Angeles CA. They sought  the support of individuals and groups who wish to make the institution of marriage - both its civil privileges and its religious rituals - available to all committed couples.

The deadline for indicating your support has passed; we are including this declaration in our web site for historical reasons.

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We, the undersigned, celebrate the value of all just and loving human relationships, and we affirm the inclusive values of respect and community.

We affirm, therefore, the universal holiness and sacred worth of all committed, long-term, consenting adult, loving couples, regardless of sexual orientation. Further, we affirm that all such couples deserve the protection of the state and the recognition of religious institutions.

Moreover, that:


all couples willing to accept the responsibilities of marriage should have equal access, regardless of sexual orientation, to the rights and privileges of marriage offered by their governments, and that


all couples seeking marriage should have equal access, regardless of sexual orientation, to the services that bless and support marriage offered by our religious communities (e.g. rites, ceremonies, counseling, family membership).

Arising from the religious values of justice, mercy and love, these affirmations, reverently undertaken, will serve to promote the health, safety, stability, and well-being of all people and families.


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The Declaration of Religious Support is sponsored by the Progressive Religious Alliance.

Support from clergy, congregations, communities of faith and others will be publicly announced on June 1, 1998.

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